Masala chai

This is one of the simplest recipes and yet many people get it wrong! Let me tell you my masala chai recipe..

What do you need?

Half cup water

One third cup milk

Sugar (as much as you prefer)

tea leaves (again based on how much you like, I use one table spoon)

2 cloves

pinch of cinnamon powder / small piece of cinnamon bark

1 cardamom

How to make?

Boil water in a vessel. While it boils, grind the cinnamon, cardamom and cloves into a powder. Add this masala to the boiling water and cover lid for a minute. The masala will release flavours in the water. Add milk (unless you want black masala chai). Add the tea leaves once the milk boils. Shut the gas within 30 seconds – do not let the tea leaves boil much as it will take away the flavours. Cover the vessel again with a lid, till you prepare your cup, sieve and sugar. Covering the cup would again help the flavours mix around the tea. Pour the tea in the cups and add desired sugar – your delicious masala chai is ready!


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