Shave or crave!

My husband loves my cooking! I have personally experienced the age old saying “The way to a man’s heart if through his stomach”. Since we are both vegetarians, it is a challenge at times to think of new dishes and recipes, especially for special occasions. But despite all odds and trials and tribulations, I make it a point to read up cooking books, watch cooking shows and ask friends for new recipes. Along with this, I innovate on my existing recipes by substituting ingredients and changing my cooking style. As an example, I improvised my classic “Paneer Pasanda” by substituting a pure tomato gravy with a tomato + Cashew gravy / tomato + Cashew + curd gravy / tomato + Cashew + milk cream gravy… and the variations on this and all other dishes are endless!

When I read about the Blogadda contest “Shave or crave!”, which asked me this interesting (and easy) question: ‘How you would make men crave so that they get rid of their evening stubble’, I had the answer instantly! I will cook him a fantastic lip-smacking dish which cannot be eaten if he has a beard. Something that will drop on his beard, get stuck in his stubble, irritate him by making it difficult for him to enjoy the flavors fully! Craving and cringing, he will shave and scrub and wash; and appear on the dining table like the shining handsome husband of mine!


 This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with


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