Cricket mania and the husband


Let me tell you, proudly and shamelessly, my kids are smart! I discussed this Blogadda contest with them and they came up with the most novel and brilliant idea. The T20 season being here obviously helped. Now I am more into cricket than my husband but normally all of us sit together and watch if it is an important match. And what can be more important than an India-Pakistan one! Thankfully the husband was also sporting an evening shadow yesterday.

 So last evening me and my kids painted our faces with the flag tricolor when the husband went for his evening walk. When he returned, my son asked him to paint his face and join us too. Not wanting to miss out on the fun and action, he did the unthinkable. He shaved his face right there and then. My son then painted the tricolor on his face and all of us enjoyed the match with pizzas!


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