Remembering my childhood days…


I see braids everywhere again, on the ramp in a loose form by Pariniti Chopra, on the roads by teenagers in yellow sandals and even my daughter who seems to be its newest patron. It reminds me of my own young days, when I had hair that was literally the pride of town. Long, dark hair that tunneled down my back, oiled and washed regularly and covered as I traveled from school / college and back. In college especially where I was one of the most loved actors, my hair was my savior. Beautiful and flowing, I could mould it into any shape I wanted and turn into any character I desired to be. I have played boy, girl, men, women, clown, animal and tree with equal dexterity – just dab some make-up on my face and twist my hair into any desired shape. Lo and behold I was ready as the most bankable actor available! There have been times when my hair was tied up in a tight bun, sprinkled with tonnes of white talcum and exposed to harsh theater lights for hours together. Yet, it bounced back into my arms like a beautiful silk drape when I undid it. Fellow actors asked me for the secret and all I could say was good genes and good luck 🙂 On journeys to my grandparennts’ house, my hair would be braided for hours and hours of the train journey, but again love me back ever the same…

Somehow the hair is never the same now. It splits all the time and I am at my wit’s end as to what causes it. I have hair that have splits more than total strands on my head. They seem to start splitting right next to my scalp. When I braid it myself, ever so rarely these days due to the spoilt texture, it pokes me with its split ends and troubles me with its roughness. After a recommendation by my daughter I asked for a sample from Indi and have recently started using the new Dove Split end rescue system shampoo. The first few washes so far have been delightful – I feel my hair is stronger and lovelier. Hoping that the strong split-end-free hair of yesteryear returns soon and then probably I can participate in my children’s school / college plays! 😀

 This post was written for and, but every word is heart felt 🙂


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