Grooming or loving? :)

Little color and lots of drama

My ramp appearance shouldn’t be a bummer

My cheeks should glow, my eyes should shine

My smile should be just fine.


Amidst cheering faces and clapping hands

I should spot all my fans

But above all it should be my crowning mane

That should center of attention remain!


Short and sweet like a novella

My hair can enamor any fella

Slightly wavy, pepper and salt

Words they freeze, hearts they halt.


But for this extraordinary ramp appearance

Any style won’t get clearance

It has to be something quirky

Loud and stand out, happy and perky!


But then I love simplicity, it defines my style

Why would I get waylaid, even for a while?

My best ramp ready hair would bear me no hassle

Lovingly washed and conditioned, then left alone to dazzle!



Thanks  TRESemmé for giving me an opportunity to look inside myself and find that the perfect hair is one that gets loved! You can check out the magic at!

Love, kitchenmummy 🙂


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