The body knows best

Recently a friend told me about something strange concerning her daughter. The young girl is a consultant working for one of the biggest human resources consulting companies in Gurgaon and lives in Gurgaon with her husband’s family. In short, she manages a house along with some crazy traffic and some crazier clients. She was scheduled to see her dentist a week ago and had her reminder set on her smart phone. 

When she landed at the dentist and gave her name, the receptionist politely informed her that her appoint had been the day before. The young girl immediately told the receptionist that was incorrect, and her appointment was today. In fact, she had received a call yesterday for her appointment for today. It was only after the receptionist showed her computer screen with appointment records to her that she realized her mistake and left.

I thought it was a rather bizarre situation. Not that all of us don’t have these bloopers, but for a girl like her – smart, sharp, organized with her work, this is a bit surprising. Even more so because her mother has been noticing a few such instances with her off late. Recently during a phone conversation, she put her mother on hold and then forgot all about it noticing the waiting phone after nearly ten minutes, by when my friend had obviously hung up. Another time she fixed a dinner date with her husband in the morning and then went straight back home after long conference call with an American client. Her husband waited for a good half hour and then called her only to find out that she is in the shower, having forgotten about the dinner completely and actually upset with him for coming home so late on the one day she managed to get home before 9PM.

Both me and my friend agreed that these are warning signs for an impending doom. Afterall, it is not new to hear of mental breakdown / exhaustion cases these days. Young people working in stressful jobs are reporting severe medical conditions and depression very early on. One thing they immediately need to do is slow down and listen to their bodies. Nature has designed our bodies in a way that it is able to detect and report problems very smartly, only if we bother to listen to it! The moral of this story is also what my message to this young girl is –

Give your body love and rest,

Listen to it, as it knows best!


I wrote this post for Colgate total and Indiblogger.



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