Go green!

If I were to host a dinner party for my family, it will surely be a super exciting time for me. I love my family, I love food and I love an occasion that brings the two together!

Since I am a strong believer in vegetarianism, the theme of my party will be GO GREEN! All dishes will be purely vegetarian, use organic products and show people what magic can be unveiled without taking away the life of any innocent being!

I will surely hold the party in the little garden in front of my house which the view of beautiful green trees all around. I could hold it inside my house too, but with the theme of GO GREEN, fresh air with view of the green surroundings is important. Plus it also gives more space to my parents to walk around and meet new people.

I also have in mind what I will broadly do while organizing the dinner party. I will start by shopping at my local organic / farmer’s market for as much of the meal’s components as I can. Since we have moved to the suburbs now, the farmers stay around the market itself. This means that I will have the fantastic opportunity to talk to the growers to glean any stories about my food that I can share during dinner, or I can simply ask the farmers about their growing practices, location and history of their farms. Any or all of these stories will be a beautiful addition to GO GREEN. I really hope I can encourage some of my family members to turn vegetarian through this party.

Coming now to what I will do once back home with the fresh vegetable produce. For the ambience, I will rely strongly on the natural beauty of the garden, but to add to it I will set up a table in the center. When preparing my table, I will use fresh flowers from my balcony as a centerpiece, rather than buying some from the florist. Fruit and veggies from the local organic market can also make an attractive decoration. I will set the table with cloth napkins, and light hand-made candles. In the background, I will play natural music of waterfalls, wilderness, mountains and bird calls. This will not only entertain but also rejuvenate my guests and bring them closer to nature.

Last but not the least, the menu! While it is clear that a GO GREEN dinner party has to have vegetarian food, the question remains as to what will be there on the menu? Well, one thing is clear this time – I don’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen while my lovely family is having fun outside! So I will keep cooking to the minimum. But, since I plan to get tones of organic veggies directly from the farmers, I really want to make a lavish vegetable biryani! And to get the taste, flavor and aroma just right, I will use the Vegetable Biryani Mix from Kitchens of India, which takes my breath away with how it gets the taste bang on! It is easy to use and delights your palette.


To add to the biryani this time, I want to get some other delectable dishes from Kitchens of India – I have tried their Mughlai Paneer and Paneer Malai in the past, and they won me over so they are surely on the menu. Their Dal Bukhara is iconic as all of us know and it is a definite addition too. One dish that I have never tried is their Mirch ka Salan and I plan to bring it for my guests this time since they love to experiment with new flavors.


For drinks and desserts again I will keep my involvement minimal. I will go with fresh juices to drink and for sweet delicacies; I will again count on Kitchens of India. Their Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa is divine and will bring my dinner party to a beautiful and delicious conclusion!


This GO GREEN party has been conceptualized after being inspired by the Indiblogger and Kitchens of India contest!


5 thoughts on “Go green!

  1. For a cold February dinner party I make an organic lentil soup, vegetarian for the guests that do not eat animal or dairy: I live in LA and having the food options available for all guests can sometimes be a challenge! I add meat and dairy as side dishes, warm goat cheese and parmesan with scallions to garnish the soup. Grilled sausages to keep the carnivores happy. Several bread options, (some gluten free choices) warm olives, roasted beets and fresh greens for a salad. Red & white wine and bottles of pelligrino on the table. I am not a big desert person so it is usually fresh fruit, cookies, gelato and coffee. If I am lucky my sister will make me a cake to serve. Fresh flowers, interesting music and good friends make for a lovely evening.

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