Heroes connected


Knock on this golden gate,

Come, enter my world on roller-skate!


Meet my fantastic chat group friends,

Best group ever, till world ends.


This is my phenomenal WeChat gang,

Exotic, stylish, full of jing-bang.


First is Superman, the hero brave,

Preserving the world, soft yet grave!


Batman with his gadgets cool,

Saving Gotham, using improvised tool.


Iron man makes us all laugh,

But he means business, no faff.


My childhood hero Spider man too,

His wrists secrete our friendship glue…


Finally our super-hero very own!

Shaktiman with his somber tone!!


All these world saviors in one place,

On my very own chat group, that’s the case!


They are stylish, they give hope;

Any day they’re better than the pope!


We talk about the world in its full glory –

Telling each other our life’s every story.


We crack jokes, we share tears,

Physically far, still we feel so near.


Behind tough exteriors they’re all real,

Enjoying friendships, all emotion, all feel.


This is just my dream chat group,

For my soul they are the chicken soup.


I love them all, I’m so glad for them;

Thanks WeChat for making it happen!



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