A party for colorful brats

This is a party for the naughty kids in my apartment complex, who start shouting the moment they come back from school, run around like little butterflies and make a riot in the play ground 😛

Seeing the amount of energy they spend on playing and fighting, I am sure they need little power boosters to keep them going and hence I have decided to take the mantle of nourishing them! I was walking around the building on Sunday and saw them in full glory and that’s when this idea struck me. This will also be my way of letting the harassed mothers have some peace over the weekend 😉

Since kids love colors, I have decided to keep the theme of the party as ‘Color Palettes’. This coming Sunday I will ask them all to come dressed up in as many colors as they can, at 5 PM to the playground. I will serve bright mango drinks when they all arrive and then straight launch into bites. My dear gourmet buddy Kitchens of India has to be around when I need a hand in planning something which is easy and convenient. They will add their delicious gourmet conserves to their party which I am sure kids will love. I just plan to carry various types of breads along with me, since they will all need to go home after some time to have a proper dinner. To top these breads there will be apple cinnamon, strawberry and mint, pineapple and green pepper; and mango saffron conserves. All these conserves are healthy, colorful and most importantly luxuriously yummy, exactly what I want for these adorable brats!

To round off this colorful and noisy party, I will pick up black and white! The party will conclude around 7 PM with white vanilla ice cream accented with dark chocolate syrup 🙂


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