Family, fun, fragrance, what else do you need!


When life gets too plain,

Getting out of the bed is a pain,

Outdoors are distant,

No thunder no rain.


When you need a bit of spice,

To make everything look nice,

When you crave for a change,

And want excitement’s best slice.


Look hard at your life,

Find the source of strife,

Are you focusing on unimportant things?

Is your stress replacing your wife?


Don’t waste these precious moments,

Don’t be myopic and errant,

Each day is to be lived fully,

What’s in future is unknown this second.


Take out time for those you love,

Take out time for things beloved,

Give your heart some attention,

Do something that’s crazy enough!


Pack your bags tonight!

Hit the road with your full might!

Tell your family this great news,

Next few days will be the best, alright!


Your kids so loving,

Your wife all caring,

Why not your dog!

And of course you, all gushing!


With clothes and sneakers,

Juice, rolls and some wafers!

Spontaneous planning of it all,

Office leave, school holiday peoples!


The destination is not important now,

Every place will look lovely somehow,

When you’re with people you love,

It’s the journey that counts anyhow…


Your car, whether Gypsie or Santro,

Corolla, BMW or Baleno,

Will fill up with love and laughter,

Warmth and chatter before you know.


The only things now you can do,

To jazz up the road trip I’m telling you,

Pour fragrance in your car to impress your family,

Chose something classy, chose something new.


And the perfect solution to make them smile,

Eliminate all odors and spread freshness all while,

Is to get the magical new AmbiPur,

And make life aromatic each and every mile!

pic 1


p.s. The post is written for this contest! (pictures courtesy: free photos on Google)


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