A Great Drive – entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Kitchen Mummy


If on earth, there is any place heavenly,

Where does it exist, my friend?

If on earth there is heaven,

Where is it, my friend?


On a honeymoon road trip from Kashmir to Gulmarg,

With my new husband in tow,

I had fascinating experiences,

It was surely the best drive of my life.


Lots of romantic conversations,

Fresh apple and apricots from trees,

Cool breeze making us smile!

This trip will forever be my life’s glow!


The crazy mountains though steep,

Were very welcoming and kind.

The view was dazzling, breathtaking,

Unforgettable in my mind.


Fun was picturesque snow-capped hills,

Fun was the serene blue waters,

Fun was vibrant loaded orchards,

Fun was ever smiling helpful people.


These are my Kashmiri memories,

From thirty years ago,

Still sparkling new in my mind,

Still leaving a trail of nostalgia.


If on earth there is heaven,

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here.

If there is a best drive of your life,

Its with people you love and mother nature all around.



Mustard fields

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