Let’s help other people!


At Pratham Books, children are loved,

The right to enjoy good books is theirs,

Stories are set in familiar surroundings

The language is from home, culture their own!


With a dream to give wings to children

Make them able to read, give something good to read,

With a range of exciting stories created

Imaginative writers and talented illustrators.


Rohini Nilekani shares her joy,

1500 books, most priced below Rs 25,

Having printed over 8.5 million books,

A readership of nearly 25 million.


Very inspiring, those who want to help

Share their good fortune with those lesser blessed,

Especially children who are the world’s future

Make them reach a world beyond themselves.


Franklin Templeton Investments partnered

the TEDxGatewayMumbai in December 2012.

They make you think and challenge yourself,

They inspire you to look beyond selfish interests.


Made me think of Bill and Melinda Gates,

AzimPremji and MarkZuckerberg

What is the use of keeping everything to yourself?

Why not leave the world a happier place!



2 thoughts on “Let’s help other people!

  1. beautifully expressed .. I feel Pratham Books is standing for a rightest cause ..books can create opportunities and it is important they be interactive only then they become attractive .. and keep us looking for more … wanting to read more .. this habit is missing in India … to a great extent … we study for the heck of it and book lovers are quite less compared to the number of population we have …
    Nicely put !!

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