Freeze with the new chill pill


So which are the coolest things on this planet according to you?…..




Any answer?

OK, let me guess some of your typical answers:

  1. Tattoos: Somehow all kids have purple hair and large tattoos these days. Either I am becoming totally outdated or the world has moved to an entirely new dimension that I am unaware of. Whenever I step into a movie theater or a mall, I am drowned in colors on people’s heads, hands, legs and where not! So I am guessing this is ‘cool’ these days.
  2. Retro music: Well, I used to sing at one point and Ghazals were my favorite. I had tones of cassettes that played on loop in my tape recorder. Now, perhaps I have grown old, lost the zest or my head, I don’t know, but the music quotient has gone down. But for me retro / old times’ music will always be cool. I ca confidently add it here to the list because I hear children talking of retro western music all the time around me too/
  3. RohtangPass: Yes, well. We went there for a family holiday couple of years back and had a rocking time. This was our extended family with my brothers et al and you can imagine a hotel full of rowdy adults and excited children! Wow, what cool fun!
  4. Dark chocolate: Yum, yum, says your mum! I have a h-u-g-e sweet tooth and cannot resist chocolates at all! My daughter keeps bringing me the fanciest of imported chocolates and I keep complaining about teeth issues as I munch on them. I think dark chocolate is mysterious and so cool!
  5. Book clubs: Reading is one of the best ways to enrich your mind, reach a new world without physically traveling to it, exercise your grey cells by visualizing what the author is trying to say, learn about new cultures / things and make anyone a smarter/ better person. Book clubs and festivals seem to be coming back and I am very glad about it. They are cool. Period.
  6. Helping others: What can give more satisfaction that helping those who can’t help themselves? Some of us are under the misconception that taking is joyous – well, try giving and you will know true joy. Seeing the other person smile, his / her eyes light up, his face melt out of gratitude – and the simple satisfaction of being able to make the place a slightly better place, nothing can be cooler.
  7. Smiling at strangers: Again, its about being a good person, making the world a nicer place and sharing joy with others. Smiling is always cool.
  8. Blogging: Wow! Just look at some blogging forums and you will know why blogging is cool. There are so many talented opinionated people out there who have so much to say. They are smart and tell their stuff well. Blogging is cool because it brings out issues, connects people, creates awareness and in general makes the world a more fun place.
  9. Comedy movies: AndazApnaApna or Jane Bhi Do Yaaro, comedy movies are the ultimate time pass. They relax you, unwind you and most importanty, make you laugh! How much more cool can they be?
  10. Antarctica: Well, this is a pj. I mean Antarctica is cool because it is so cool. You know, the temperature? Well.

I will add something to this list now for your benefit. What is also really cool is the new Mint-O Ultramintz – “The sugar-free chill pill!”

2013-07-31 21.28.41

These are a new class of premium and powerful sugar-free mintz: 60 extra strong pellets packed in a stylish black tin case. Don’t let their small size deceive you! Each pellet is made from peppermint oils from France, made from the finest quality menthol and is powered by speciality cooling compounds for unimaginable cooling.

2013-07-31 21.28.092013-07-31 21.27.37

What’s more they are sugar free – so you can enjoy them without having to worry about calories! A box of 60 pellets comes for only Rs 50.

Enough said. Go ahead, pop one to experience the power of Ultramintz yourself! Then think again and tell me the coolest thing on this planet according to you! 🙂



I am reviewing mint-o Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda



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