There are some things in life,

That are worth any strife.

Love, for one, is the top most,

and then there is friendship.


I had one of those moments where I felt,

in the daily humdrum and chores I dealt,

friends were most easily ignored,

we never shared with each other yet.


So all us women, working or housewives,

decided to get together and do something nice.

We told our families to order from outside,

Because today kitchens were closed, whatever size.


Mita had an SUV, all sparkling and rugged,

We went door-to-door picking all with the luggage.

It was going to be a long and wonderful day,

Driving along the highway, no care for the budget.


So off we went, laughing and giggling,

The SUV packed with us and our singing.

There was food, games and cards for all,

There were jokes, memories, conversation, teasing.


We stopped near Manesar for a lunch and loo break,

where we played kabaddi, kho-kho around a lake.

We had forgotten all worries that plagued our life,

today we were carefree and honest, nothing fake.


In the evening after sunset, we started driving back,

we missed our families but nothing we really lacked,

once in a while spending time with oneself is important,

and with friends – who make you laugh with a knack!


When we came back home, we were energized,

Of course the company was highly prized,

But it was something else that stayed with us,

Something that even inside the car felt like fresh air so nice!


And late at night when we all called each other,

We found the solution to the mystery, holy mother!

It was the magical sky-breeze fragrance in the car,

That soothes us all day and kept us free of bother.


We smiled at how ambi pur had been there,

as another special friend on our journey to nowhere,

how it had melted our hearts and made us smile,

how it had added magic to the day with its silent care.


(post written for this product review campaign)


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