The warriors

The stage is set, the lights are on,

The message is clear for those who care.

The planet needs warriors to save its life.

Its calling upon all, “Now is the time!”


So I decided to send an application,

To join any brave journey required,

Go on any adventurous exploration

That will save my planet’s life.


I love my planet unconditionally

And express it in my mail.

It sees my undying devotion

And selects me without fail.


I am joined by fellow warriors:

The kind and loving Treeosauraus,

Many unselfish compassionate humanobots,

And 3 minions: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


I lead the others to honor my planet,

Head out into an unknown land.

To find where the enemies lives

And burn them to the ground.


First we reach an evil factory,

Situated close to a lake.

We see its releasing evil fumes into air

And dirty water into the water.

factory cascadeenergy


I gesture to the humanobots

Who gag the dirty chimney,

And then request the mighty Treeosauraus

To spread their branches to clean up the air.


Next up is a major highway,

Packed with many vehicles.

Each ignorant of the damage

Their exhaust pipes caused.


The minion REDUCE motions them to stop,

And asks all people to step out.

Then it tells them they have to wake up

And ‘reduce’ anything leading to emissions.


Obviously the people seem confused

So REDUCE educates them in details.

He tells them to reduce fossil fuels,

Carbon footprints and other planet enemies.



We also speak of planet-friendly bicycles

That are not only emission-free

But make one look fabulous

With all the useful exercise!


I then lead my team forward,

Towards a residential society.

We intend to meet many families

Who played a large part in the damage.


The minion REUSE now has to step forward

And talk with all the people.

It has to tell them to not waste anything

Everything in their houses could be reused!



He takes a broken bucket

And plants a beautiful tree in it.

Then he takes a teenager’s old shirt

And with that he makes a toddler’s dress.


There is a big round of applause

When people learn the valuable lessons.

So many things they could reuse

If they were sensitive and worked together.


The planet’s chosen leader (that’s me)

Then guides the warriors to a school,

Where minion RECYCLE has a role

In educating the planet’s next generation.



The session is very helpful

And the children look excited.

They promise to cooperate

In the beloved planet’s fight.


This is our most successful outing

Because before we are even done

The children offer us lemonade

And tell us to sit down.

recycle -


When we look a bit confused

The teacher smiles at us,

“They have put up a skit for you.

Please be our guests.”


Here is what they show us,

Here are some pictures of the fun.

Now we have renewed faith in our efforts

All that is required is sensitivity, care and love.

save planet

When I get home, I am satisfied –

I know I am nowhere near the end,

But I have never been happier

Even though my brave journey has just begun.


Today I discovered so many possibilities

To ensure my planet had a very long life.

Today I went into unknown frontiers

And did what my planet needed me for.



(Post written for this adventurous mean machine)

photo credits:,,,,


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