My Delhi manifesto

Husband and I are very animated,

Festive season has finally started.


The dusshera fever just subsided,

KarvaChauth now beckons excited!


Then of course it’s Diwali: the king of them all,

Which we await all year, to have a great ball.


But before all this is a little vacation,

Singapore calls us – our favorite station.


So we pack our bags and call our friends,

To do a little rendezvous and get sent.


And guess what they tell us when we sit around,

Something which makes our anxiety mount!


Singapore is unbelievably clean, that’s great,

But we have to be super careful dear mate!


Spitting is banned; first-time violators are fined,

While repeat offenders grace the newspapers’ behind!


Littering is also forbidden, leads to community service,

As is also smoking in public places, yes miss!


The subway stations look like hospitals,

So clean that they make a spectacle.


Even restrooms are ranked by cleanliness,

Remember to flush or be shown jail’s address.


Well, we laughed a lot at the discussion,

But it touched my core, teaching me a lesson.


I don’t think twice while throwing a wrapper,

And don’t stop any man spitting on roads either.


So I decided that I will draft the Delhi manifesto,

The issues Delhi is facing to be addressed with gusto.


No spitting, as its spit where germs multiply,

So children won’t be infected and health can fly.


No to littering that makes this pretty city ugly,

Shows careless attitude of thankless citizenry.


No pollution that deteriorates fresh air,

To be able to breathe peacefully is only fair.


No urinating on public walls, no posters,

People should treat the city like their home, mister!


Nothing that will make the city dirty and unhealthy,

A beautiful city will make us all loving and wealthy.


My manifesto is health and cleanliness,

Let’s get together for issues that need address.


This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with



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