Holiday for less!


This is holiday time for our family. Children are on leave from work, husband is at home and I am in a festive mood too. So, like most of you, what I would love the most right now is to pack my bags and hit the roads. The good thing about media and technology is that a lot of new places have become well known now, along with becoming accessible too. Unlike the time when I was young and a holiday meant Simla or Nainital for north Indians and Munnar and Mysore for south Indians.

Now, the right thing to do is to ask others where you should go and then go the exact opposite place. Not only will it mean that you will discover some unknown breathtaking beauty that this county has to offer to you, but also you will avoid the crowds and rush. With my children grown up, I feel I have started a second innings in my life and I have a new enthusiasm to see ne places, but I still like my peace and quiet. Hence, I am not fond of too much noise or hype. With children being so busy in their own lives now, and with the help of the new tab that my daughter gifted me, I keep checking different things online, including holidays.

But I am also very concerned with too much information available online. Sometimes I don’t know who you can trust. In my younger days, you only bought something from somebody you can see, so now when my daughter orders online I feel very skeptical. Of course, the good thing is that some operators have been around for a while now, are world renowned brands and have a trusted reputation. This makes it easier to trust them. One of the trusted ones for me is Expedia. Expedia is the world’s leading online travel company for travellers in India, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Ireland etc. They have a lot of great holiday packages and offers on their website where you can get holidays of all locations, durations and costs. But before you go running anywhere, wait! Recently I came across this great website called Cashkaro where I found out how you can save every single time you make online transactions. While even I am still to make a transaction there and fully test out how the refund program works, but one thing is for sure, by using this link, I can get my choicest holiday packages for a lot lesser than normal!  

In fact, these days Cashkaro is running a cool bloggers contest that my daughter told me about. So I decided to participate in it – they will give me a Rs. 500 participation voucher, which I will use to test out the website and then post my review too! For now, I am writing this post to share that if I am given Rs.10,000 by Cashkaro, how would I spend it? How much would I  save via and what will I do with that money saved? So firstly, I would surely utilize the voucher to book the 3-day Delhi-Bangkok-Delhi holiday on Expedia. It will normally cost me 23,047 according to their website, but through cashkaro, I will get a cashback of 864.26.

Now starts the exciting part. With the saved 864.26, I will order food online! Yes! I will take a 1 day break from cooking and kitchen, despite the fact that I really enjoy it. Anyway, I will need a day to pack for Bangkok and I wont have any time to cook that day! I will order either through foodpanda or tastykana (both available on cashkaro) or directly at subway or Pizza Hut – all loved and enjoyed by my family. Then we will all have a wonderful night’s sleep dreaming about our soon approaching holiday!!



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