My fun times with “my drink”

November 2013

The weather has been fantastic in Delhi for the last week. And we have been making the most of it. Last Saturday afternoon, we had a great BBQ and it was brilliant. There we were, a bunch of so called middle-aged couples having more fun than any of the youngies can ever imagine. We sat in the little garden in front, and as the aroma of tender meat or juicy vegetables grilling in the background floated around, we sipped our nice bacardi breezers.

There is a slight nip in the air. Cool heavy wind is settling everywhere. This is the start to the wonderful dilli ki sardi. And what best can enhance it than nice grilled appetizers with fruity, fresh and refreshing Bacardi breezers? There are so many choices and options available that you don’t have a choice but have fun! According to me, they are the perfect bet for relaxed evenings, even though most people seem to count on breezers for hot afternoons. Though known s women’s drinks, breezers are equally enjoyed by the men folk in our group too. Personally, I have had almost all flavors from the breezer family, but my favorite has always been the cranberry! It is something that I am happy to call “my drink” (you’ll see the reasons and the story behind it later).


The cranberry flavored breezer is a light and refreshing. It’s not too sweet and very light and easy to drink. With kebabs and lot of other party food, what you need is interesting alcohol combinations. That is precisely what the cranberry flavored breezer feels like – like a cocktail in a bottle. Sometimes wine makes your mouth feel a bit dry but a breezer doesn’t give you that feeling. The delicious cranberry flavor in fact seems to flush your mouth with a waterfall! They also leave no bad aftertaste like beer which I once tried and didn’t quite get used to.

Fun fact: Cranberry breezer tastes best when you grab a couple of bottles, load up a plate chips, different kinds of dip and some fresh salad. Grab a book and find a sunny place in the garden and you are set for the time of your life.

May 2012

I’m on holiday in Goa with my husband and three children. On the first day itself, we feel totally relaxed seeing the sun, sand and colors of Goa. It’s Friday and the children plan to go to Tito’s in the evening so husband and I decided to have a lazy dinner at the Baga beach itself. In the afternoon the weather is warm and we’re all lounging around the beach!

I decided to just sit and chill with “my drink”, which was a refreshing Bacardi Breezer in cranberry flavor. So the waiter gets it for me and I can’t help noticing that the bottle itself is quite appealing and the drink is served chilled directly from the fridge. The coldness is such that it would refresh the most dehydrated mouth. I prefer to drink mine straight from the bottle. The cranberry drink is slightly bubbly and effervescent – not fizzy like colas but lightly sparkling and refreshing. The rum taste is quite strong particularly at the back of your throat but is tempered nicely by the sweetness of cranberries.

Fun fact: the Bacardi bat came about in a very interesting way. According to Family lore, it originated in 1862 

cran batwhen Don Facundo’s wife, Doña Amalia Lucía Victoria Moreau, suggested employing the Bat as the trademark for their new rum. Upon entering the first BACARDI distillery, Amalia noticed a colony of fruit bats living in the rafters. Bats had great significance in Dona Amalia’s world. As a lover of the arts, she knew that Cuba’s extinct native people, the Taínos, regarded the bats as possessors of all cultural goods. And she knew from local lore that bats were popularly thought to bring good health, fortune and family unity. (Source: internet)

August 2011

I was sitting at home one day in a weird mood. It was one of my phases when I’m generally feeling blah and bored. I decided to seek refuge with what else? “My drink”! Cranberry breezer. So I picked up a bottle from the fridge where I had thankfully stocked a couple and instantly my nostrils were assaulted by the sweet and inviting aroma. I took my first sip….yummm…. immediately fizzing flooded my mouth….yummm…. very sweet and refreshing…. yummm…It slid down my throat very easily….another taste, this time a larger mouthful….. yummm….. After a few of such heavenly gulps, I started to feel less stressed, more giggly and more likely to do something fun with my day and my life! I looked at myself in the mirror and found full red lips giggling right back at me – the cranberry had made me a diva from inside and outside!


Yes, I was even more sure at that moment that Cranberry is my favorite flavor among all breezer flavors. When you’ve had a good week or even a bad week and you just want to chill out with friends, or maybe you’re in your local pub or at the dancing, you can always count on a cranberry breezer to give you great company. The good thing, of course, about breezers is that they are reasonably priced and available in most places. And if you don’t want them to go flat on you, then please guzzle them down fast but in good style, only to be followed by another, and another, and another! Well, when it comes to cranberry breezers, you just can’t stop!

Fun fact: In the US they call breezers as alco-pops drinks which means they combine a bit of alcohol with lots of colorful pop (I am guessing).

June 2010

Me niece’s wedding at a five-star resort on the outskirts of Delhi. The mood in the family was exuberant and exciting; there was singing, dancing and lots of celebration in general. Everyone had bought the best lehengas, salwar kamizes, sherwanis and suits available across Delhi and beyond. Most of us were camping at the brides place, which is my sister’s place and on days when there was a function we stayed over at the resort itself – which was the venue of all celebrations too. So you can imagine the general atmosphere and setting in the family!

It is always like this in our family. Not only the relatives from outside town, which is normally the custom everywhere, but even we people who stay within the city create a huge riot for almost a month around the wedding. And a week around the wedding we all crash together by staying over with the family and dance away pretty much all nights. So this time around too it was no different. Around five days before the wedding, people started reaching the venue with their bag and baggage.

On one particular day, which was perhaps 4 days before the wedding, which is 2 days before the mehendi night and 1 day before the cocktails night, the spirits were high as usual. There was music playing in the background and the resort people had started doing up our area elaborately. While the girls were busy dancing and trying out clothes or pulling the girl’s leg about her future husband, the boys has some evil plans in mind. So, we saw a huge SUV parked near our cottages. Intrigued, my daughter and some of her cousins decided to go survey it. What they saw was a full blown bar set inside the SUV! You name a drink and it was there. Then from one side, walked in their cousins, all the naughty boys, with savory eats and other things to go with their drinking plan.

The girls ran over to us and as expected from our family, all the women decided to join the party. We raided their bar and snacked on peanuts and chips as the night became more and more merry. That was my first encounter with Bacardi breezers. I still remember that like most of my girl friends, the first flavor I ever tasted was Cranberry and that is the flavor that has remained my favorite ever since.

I also remember my other impressions as I was sipping it. The slim cute clear bottle attracted me instantly and with its minimalist labels it tempted me further as I could admire its bright colored alcohol contents inside. The blend of Bacardi rum raspberry flavor sparkling water with sugar and sweeteners played on my tongue. I remember thinking that I can easily drink this at the pub on an evening out, in a night club with the girls or on a hot day in the garden. I remember thinking that perhaps I had found “my drink”.

And four years and numerous breezers later, I am sure of it…..

Fun fact: “My drink” will always be the cranberry bacardi breezer. It has been with me for so many different situations, occasions and moods; but the moods might be difference – the outcome has always been fun and good times. And that’s what I always want from “my drink”!



Here’s my little poem, my tribute to my drink:

Cranberry Bacardi Breezer,

You are shaped so sexy!

Your finely shaped bottle,

Is a temptation itsy bitsy.

Bright red drink within you,

Fruity, refreshing and fun.

With kebabs and salads,

You go well with anything, hon!

At beaches, home or parties,

You’re like red colored rain!

With your sweet smooth flavor

You drive me totally insane!

This post is part of Breezer Catch the Flavor! Do remember to #CatchTheFlavour because with breezer, you live life in color 🙂


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Last but not the least, fun is great, fun is awesome, but do remember to drink responsibly!


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