Moms can be fun!


I belong to a generation where friendship meant tying girlfriends’ pigtails, fun meant climbing on trees to pluck pears, money meant lot more junk food to be bought at the nearby market and shopping meant a luxury only reserved for some wise adults. In this generation you got so many sweets for one anna (not Anna Hazare, the currency my dear) that you could stuff your mouth for a month. This generation did things slowly because there was nowhere urgent that they had to get to. This generation could not imagine trying to compare and get the best among some options because the only options were those offered by your neighborhood store!

Understandably, this generation exchanged letters when they had to pass a message to somebody and then waited for the kind postman to fly and deliver it. Information was sourced by talking to your friends who knew as much as you do or mostly even less. Computer was a concept we did not even visualize and the maximum we knew in terms of existence of gadgets was televisions and telephones which thankfully had been invented recently.

So you can understand my dilemma when I was first made aware of a new kabootar called internet. My eldest daughter bought a desktop when she started college and it was the biggest acquisition of our family’s life. My husband and I stood in the doorway to her room and stared at her as she magically pressed on some buttons and things appeared on the screen. Before that our only knowledge of computers had been what little snippets she shared from her school’s computer science class, which was nothing at all by any measure. And the funniest thing was that her computer science teacher wan aunty of my age. I am guessing a woman of my generation could have taught these kids computer science only after reading comic books. Seeing super heroes use gadgets and then imagining what the fancy looking machine in the class is supposed to do.

But for her college course my daughter needed access to a lot of ‘data’. Or so she told us. So we had to get something called as ‘internet’. Well, that’s exactly what we did.

But, you know, this was fifteen years back.

In the following years my other children bought laptops, tablets, data cards and all those fancy words that I learnt from the boxes. In the following years, I was gifted a tablet, my husband was gifted a laptop and both of us were gifted pretty cool phones too. In the following years, I learnt to use the computer, the laptop, the smart phone and the tablet like a pro. And in the following years I learnt to fly with the kabootar called internet.

Now, of course, the story is entirely different. You are right now talking to a smart new sassy woman who does her salwar kamiz shopping online. You are also talking to this cool woman who shares recipes online through her blog and who has connected to an entire gamut of people through social networking sites, blogs and various online forums – which has basically made her life so different, interesting and dynamic!

If somebody had met me thirty years back, when I was newly out of college, recently married and grappling with domestic changes in life, the somebody would have never predicted this. They would have perhaps imagined me sitting in the kitchen making samosas for my extended family these many years later. And I would not have been surprised at the prediction too. At that time I thought that the people who are good with technology, or gadget gurus as people now seem to call them, are people who have a different blood flowing through their veins. They only talk in English, they fly business class and they look like sophisticated aliens.

Okay, a bit of exaggeration there, but I definitely did not think that those people could wear a sari and cook breakfast for their families in the morning and then skype with their imported daughter in the afternoon. I did not think that those people could, ever, include me.

But, you know, miraculously it does. Well, what can I say, moms can be fun.

I am the proud owner of a tablet now and I love every minute with it. It was a great surprise from my daughter who lives in the US during her trip two years back and since then the tablet and me have become partners in crime. Crime is the apt word, given how much agony it causes my husband. LOL (yes, I say lol too, as much as I resent lmao). The study by Gartner revealed the top five activities migrating from personal computers to media tablets are checking email, reading the news, checking the weather forecast, social networking and gaming. I have switched to a tablet now at home, instead of my earlier use of mobile phones or PCs because I find it very portable and yet sized large enough for my usage in the living room, bedroom and kitchen. My tab exclusively belongs to and mostly I don’t share it even with my husband, my tablet is almost as personal as my mobile phone.

My everyday life is just fantastic with a tablet and I will not swap it with anything else now. Here’s a lowdown of what my everyday life looks like courtesy my lovely tablet:

Wakey-wakey, morning is here!

I start my day with a piping cup of cardamom tea. My bedroom faces the sun and hence I have crisp golden sunlight bathing me each morning. My staple diet of parle G biscuits with the tea has kept me going for so many years and it still makes me feel as energized every morning as it did almost an era ago when I first got addicted to it thanks to my father. After having this potent combination, I almost feel like a warrior ready to face any challenge.

And then I start checking the news and weather on my tablet. This has quickly become a big part of my daily routine. Obviously, I have to hold the tablet for this activity since I need to scroll the news up and down. Sometimes I find links in the news that seem relevant to not only understand the main news but also are interesting in their own way, so I go clickety-ckickety on the various embedded links. This is great because unlike a traditional newspaper I don’t have to hold a large piece of paper, fold it at various angle, worry about tearing it or go clumsy while turning it back and forth. With my tablet everything is right there on one screen and goes back and forth with a simple click. There is a little challenge that the tablet is a bit heavy and uncomfortable for me to hold with one hand, and I’m normally so busy that I can’t expect both my hands to be free. This is something that I’m still grappling with at the cost of paining wrists after my news reading sessions.

Bath and self pampering

After more than an hour of sun bathing, tea loving and news absorption, comes my freshening up. We recently had a lovely tub installed in our bathroom and now I am gradually realizing the joys of slow living and enjoying life. After having spent so many years running after my children and husband where I hardly any moment to indulge in little pleasures, lying a tub with aromatic smells makes me feel like a princess. And how I make it more special? With some soothing classical music!

I used to be a ghazal and classical music fan many years back, but I got so busy with life that I gave up on it almost entirely. But now that I have an easy way of playing almost any music that I like, I am back to it with a bang. My tablet has a vast collection of my favorite music that I listen to everyday while taking a leisurely bath. Slow chants downloaded from religious websites or baansuri downloaded from Hindustani music websites, I keep varying the music each day. By the time I finish my half hour or freshening up, I feel like a new person. In fact I cannot even begin to describe the feeling here – it is that beautiful.

The only slight hitch here is that for this purpose I need my tablet to stand in preferably an erect position somewhere near the bath tub, or basically in a position that prevents it from slipping and falling in the water. This is something that takes a while as I have to balance it against a tower or a toothbrush holder on the sink. I do tend to worry that it will still slip and break but the music is so soothing and relaxing that I end up taking the risk!

Cooking time!

Well, as is evident from my blog, I am a cooking connoisseur. Though most of education in cooking has happened through my mother and grandmother, who were both Indian cooking experts, recently with my children settling far and wide I have begun to take up other cuisines too. Though I am still at an experimental stage, I feel that a person good at the basics can pick up any cuisine with élan.

So as I cook breakfast and lunch (I end up cooking dinner also at the same time on most days) for my husband and myself each day, I end up loading culinary websites on my tablet. There are a lot of great forums where I can read recipes, watch cooking videos and even interact with other cooking lovers. Sometimes this makes it really easy for me to follow a recipe step by step as I carry on with my cooking. YouTube has helped on many occasions as I can pause and replay steps if I missed any. Of course the previous challenge of having to balance my tab against a lentil jar or oil container makes my heart go boom boom that the tablet will slip and fall in hot oil or on the floor, but again I am not left with much choice so I go along.

Late afternoon socializing

My husband is semi retired so he is mostly at home. But irrespective, we both spend time connecting with our friends after having lunch and a brief nap each day. We answer e-mails, access Facebook or Twitter to connect with friends and family, upload our photographs and send e-greeting cards. Though we both feel that the new technologies sometimes rob such connection of personal touch, we are thankful because we are able to stay in touch with so many people who may have lost out on because of sheer distances and time.

At the moment, I have family and friends in America, UK Australia and Indonesia. So depending on the various time zones, occasions and festivals, we make it a point to stay connected on a regular notice. And this is not just regular hi and hello. Recently when there were natural calamities in the US and some parts of south East Asia, we found it very easy to stay connected with them, stay assured that they were fine and secure.

yoga tab 2

Since both of us have only one tablet at the moment, it becomes a bit challenging sometimes when we have to read a mail. While my husband uses his phone to send e-mails, it has a fairly small screen and his eyes don’t permit ease all the time, so he prefers to read common mails on my tablet. But because there is no way to set the tablet at a comfortable angle, this becomes a very tedious exercise, something that we’re still grappling with.

Painting the town (not necessarily red) in the evening

I live in an apartment complex where we have been lucky to find a ton of like minded people. In the evenings after we’re all free from chores and have some time before dinner, we all sit together in the lawns and chit chat. At times, we even go out for movies or coffees together, at times we do get-togethers at each other’s houses with our without husbands, at some other times we even indulge in group shopping not only in malls but also online! This is part of my day that I have really begun looking forward to.

In fact just last Saturday, four of my friends came over to my place and we watched the lovely Hindi movie ‘the lunchbox’ on my tablet. The resolution of my tablet is great and we had all been talking about the movie for almost a month now. So we decided to fry some pakodas, open some breezers (or chai for the teetotalers) and make an evening of it. But in hindsight, it was only because of the snacks and drinks that we had a good time because we found it very difficult to keep the tab in one stale position. Because there were so many jokes being exchanged about Irfan’s brooding looks, we hardly noticed it, but if I were alone it would have been a sad experience.

Night time self improvement and nirvana 😉

There is no age to stop growing, so my philosophy in life is to keep learning, keep evolving, keep growing. If it goes like this, I will surely be Einstein by the time I die. Lol. So for almost an hour before I sleep everyday, I surf the internet, read articles, debates and watch videos – pretty much everything.

With my husband mostly snoring next to me, I have to find a way to tilt the tab against my blanket or my knees, while I plug my ear-phones and sometimes even make notes.

On some days, when my husband is up longer, we Skype with our children as they’re settled abroad and no other time suits them. But that again becomes very difficult to do in bed so we have to drag ourselves out of bed and plonk ourselves on the sofa or the dining table where the tab can be stationary for easy video chatting.

Last night when we were video chatting with our daughter in the US, she showed us something very interesting. Last weekend, she went and bought herself the new Yoga Tablet 10 from Lenovo! There, as me and my husband were taking turns to hold the tablet straight, she had put her tab on stand mode and was talking to us right from her bed, as she enjoyed her early morning bed tea!!

We were honestly very impressed and we asked her a lot of questions about it. So she began telling us about this fascinating new engineering marvel that has come from the Lenovo house. From what we heard, I can guarantee that the world of tablets is up for a revolution because truly a #BETTERWAY is here! Here’s why:

  • The Yoga Tablets offer multi-function ease of use with a built-in stand that provides opportunities to use the tablets in at least 4 different ways. There is a hold mode that you can use for social media, reading and shopping. There is a stand mode that can be used for movies, music and video chat. And finally, there is a lovely and innovative tilt mode that can be used for web browsing, gaming and chatting. There is a smart side bar which means that the apps on hold or stand mode can pop up automatically. Recently the advertisements of the new Yoga tablet have started airing on TV so you may have also seen the handsome Ashton Kutcher showing those various modes!

tab modes

  • During bath, cooking and our evening video chatting, I can use it on stand mode. There is a unique kickstand and it will allow me to let go, so that I can enjoy the comfort of hands-free viewing experience. For my online shopping and late afternoon e-mailing, I can put it on the tilt mode because it’s easier to type through that. The yoga Tablet’s battery cylinder provides the perfect angle for touch interactions. And for my early morning news surfing, it will be perfect in the hold mode as it has been designed in the most ergonomic way so that it is really comfortable and easy on my wrist and palm. The twisting force has been eliminated by the Yoga Tablet and it will create comfortable one-handed holding with its unique battery cylinder.

yoga tab 4

  • There are two dimensions available at the moment (in India). The Yoga Tablet 8 (which measures 8 inches diagonally) and the Yoga Tablet 10 (which measures 10 inches diagonally). My daughter has the Yoga Tablet 10 which has an optional magnetic keyboard that she finds really useful for her office as well as home uses. For me she has suggested the smaller one, Yoga Tablet 8, as she says it will fit in my purse when I travel and will serve most of my needs.
  • My daughter told us that the processor and operating system are fantastic too. It is based on Android, has great display and is equipped with front as well as rear cameras!
  • For our movie viewing experience, there are stereo speakers with Dolby® digital plus enhancement. And there is a lot of storage for my music collection, movies, photographs and videos.
  • And one of the best things is the 2 X battery as compared to other typical tablets. Yoga Tablet offers up to 18 hours of battery life for all day computing so I can charge it at night and then go worry-free the whole of next day.
  • Last but not the least, there is a very innovative hinge design that allows the Yoga Tablet to be opened effortlessly, adjusted for its viewing angle and to offer a dual tilt angle selection.

yoga tab 6

After listening to all these, we immediately decided that my husband will buy a Yoga Tablet this week itself (Since I already have one, I turned out to be the unlucky one who doesn’t get it yet! Grrrrr! But still I’m very glad that my husband gets to possess this fantastic marvel called Yoga Tablet!). Pretty much everything we need in a tablet is there in this new one, so we can’t think of any other addition or additional features! We have already joined their lovely Facebook page which tells us everything we need to know.

There are a couple of deals available before the end of this year and we think it may be a good idea to make the most of it. How to buy a Lenovo Yoga Tablet?

  • The Lenovo tablets can be bought at their website. This is the specific link for it.
  • Their Facebook page us constantly updated with features, deals and news – so you can add it to your bookmarks and buy it when you feel best!
  • The Yoga 8 and Yoga 10 are available in all Electronics/mobiles/Malls as well as on online portals.

The #BETTERWAY is here. What are you waiting for?

tab kid


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  1. This is really well-written – personal touches as well as detailed product-descriptions! All the very best and thanks for dropping by on my blog! I am going to read your posts one-by-one 🙂

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