Santa’s pearls for her babies

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you surely know how attached I am to my children. In more ways than one, they are the center of my existence. As parents, nothing worries us more than our child’s growth and future. There are innumerable wishes we make for the well-being of our child, & always try that each gift we give them is better than the one we gave before.

With years of experience behind me evidenced by my salt and pepper hair, it is time for me to give some precious gifts to my children. These are not ordinary gifts. These are my five pearls for my babies. Out of the #1001Gifts that I want to gift to my children, I am listing here my top five special gifts. I feel like Santa because I’m sharing these thoughts at an apt time of the year when gifting is already on everyone’s mind!


Children, skills and abilities are what matter,

When you are trying to make a mark.

Amass a portfolio of skills in life,

Money may not the light if ever your path gets dark.

When all economies fail and jobs dry up, a man of high skills still stays in demand. A person with important skills like communication, leadership, team-work and confidence will prove his worth in the most challenging of circumstances.

#Gift1 to my children is a skill-based course of their choice. I will sponsor any skill course that each of them chose, right from pottery to sky-diving, from baking to piano playing, from carpentry to creative writing, from driving to kitchen gardening, from film-making to stock broking. The only condition will be that it should add to their abilities and current skill portfolio.


Children, in times of competition and uncertainty,

Education is like a precious backbone.

Any career that you may choose to pursue

Will need sound investment in instruments well-known.

With competition mounting every year, things will get tougher for our children. Already admissions into colleges for MBA, engineering, medicine and architecture are extremely difficult. There are entrance examinations, interviews to be followed by huge fee to be paid. I believe in letting my children decided what career they best prefer because forcing them to take up a popular career is like playing with their basic nature. I trust my children enough to know that they will make a good and informed choice. But at the same time, any career they chose may involve investment in terms of money and education.


#Gift2 to my children will be an education fund for any professional course / degree / career they want to take up. I will set up a basic capital fund along with my husband and then it will be up to my children to ensure that they grow and multiply it, perhaps by clever investments or by insurance policies or other new instruments in the market based on expert advice.


Children, good health is a blessing to cherish,

Don’t ignore its importance ever.

Focus on your health always,

Ignore or neglect it never.

I have written before too about the importance of health. This is something which we realize more and more as we grow older, as our knees start creaking, as our breaths start tricking us and as our limbs start confusing us. I am happy that there is much more awareness about the importance of good health in today’s generation. Still, there are newer diseases which seems to be surfacing and as a parent I am concerned about it.

#Gift3 to my children will be a health insurance policy. I feel this will provide the basic safeguard for my children’s health throughout their lifetime. But this does not mean they can take other aspects of their health lightly. I will also ensure they eat healthy and exercise regularly. If a gym membership is the answer to the latter, so be it, but they have to find other sources to pay for it 😉


Children, the joy of giving is the most supreme,

Giving only multiplies happiness, wealth and pay.

There are those who are less fortunate,

Share with them a part of what you have, each day.

We are not alone in this world. We share this world with not only other people like us, but also with animals, plants and other creatures. A selfish life lived only for oneself is the worst form of life lived. A life lived without loving, giving and sharing is a waste of the breaths you took and space your occupied. I hope my children never ever forget this important value in life.

#Gift4 to my children will be membership of various charities. This will make them aware of the fact that they are just a small part of this entire universe and are using shared resources that belong to everyone. I want to get them introduced to the joy of giving and then they will take it on from there by making monetary contributions, volunteering time or other forms of commitment as they deem fit.



Children, life is short and fleeting,

Do not forget the bigger picture.

Looking at the glass half empty gets you nothing,

Laugh all you can, make others laugh – even better!

There is not much to say here that I haven’t already said with my poem. We have one life. It is important to live it in the best way and what can be better than a life spent laughing and making other laugh. There has to be a reason why “sense of humor” continues to be a top quality that girls look for in potential boyfriends / husbands 😉

#Gift5 to my children will be a comic book to make them laugh and to remind them that they need to live it up in the present, not get caught up in the past or future. They need to laugh loudly and spread joy. They need to smile, giggle and guffaw! They should not fret about the lemons life throws at them, but rather shake them up into a tequila shot!


This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda

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