The school of romance

In the early 2000s, I took up a part-time job at a nearby pre-school since I had a lot of time to spare. One day, I told my husband that I need a day from him for a fun activity at school.

He seemed intrigued and thankfully agreed without much cajoling. Once in the class, I introduced my husband and told all the kids to wish the guest. From whatever little they understood, the children seemed quite excited. There was general mayhem and it took a while to settle them down. Then I started.


“So class, remember yesterday we discussed about the importance of hygiene, of taking a bath everyday?”

“Yes miss!!!” Many little ones jumped.

“Remember I told you that if you don’t, you will look unclean and dirty, plus smell bad too?”

“Yes miss!!!”

“So, here is an example!” I pointed towards my husband whose face went blank suddenly. “Do you think he looks dirty and unwelcoming?”

“Yes miss!!!” The children were serious.

“Do you want to be and look like him?” Color flushed from my husband’s face.

“No miss!!!”

“Very good! But let me tell you, he is actually a great man! He takes a bath every day!”

“Then why does he look unclean?” One child asked.

“Because he has not shaved today, as is the case on most days currently.” I grinned and looked at my husband who was gradually understanding the plot.

“Oh!!!” The little one said.

I walked closer to my husband and whispered, “But it was not always the case. When our parents introduced us many years ago, he was well-kept and dashing. He used to shave regularly.” I smiled. “In fact, the second I saw him, his clean shaven look bowled me over!”

My husband smiled too.

The point was taken.

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7 thoughts on “The school of romance

  1. Ha ha my wife when she taught never got a chance to catch me unshaven. After all a ‘fouji’ has to always be spic-and-span! Salutes to your hubby for being such a good sport! 🙂

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