The melting resolve

This is around the time when I had just finished my post graduation studies. I was keen on pursuing theater.

But the pressure on me to get married was so much that I felt like I will burst. So I finally decided to humor my parents by agreeing to meet an ‘eligible bachelor’. This was my elder sister’s brother-in-law so there were a lot of we-are-a-big-happy-family jokes to be expected. I braced myself to fake a smile throughout the meeting.

On the duly decided date, I was given the demurest of salwar-kamizes to wear. Though I’d like to have been as bold as sharmila Tagore and Zeenat Aman, I was very nervous. Not that anybody noticed in my family. The focus was more on the ‘mehmano-ki-khatirdari’ than on the would-be bride.

So, the groom’s entire khandan arrived and were seated in the hall. I was sent there with a tray full of tea cups. Before entering, I told myself to focus on the tray, not look at anyone (especially the joker) and just exit at the earliest.


But, as I edged my way back after placing the tray, I caught sight of the boy from the corner of my eye. A quiet, unassuming chap with clean and sharp looks – yes, I seem to have registered all this in a glance.

But there was something more. I felt something in my heart thawing. I stood there gauging my own feelings which were confusing me terribly. Why was I feeling something magnetic? Where was my resolve to escape the situation! I was supposed to run now!

And slowly I knew….

It was simply a case of his smooth irresistible looks. It was simply a case of a handsome joker arresting my heart.

Clearly, that day, his clean shaven look bowled me over!

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