It’s a wonderful life

Jim Morrison once said, “Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts”.


Well, for me, the quote takes a slightly different meaning. How? Let me tell you the story from the beginning…….

When you reach a point in your life when the list of must-do things gets over, that’s when the fun starts. You do things just because you enjoy them. You don’t wake up with a nagging thought about chores for the day. That’s when the beautiful second phase of your life starts.

Hopes and dreams, I had them all,

Highs and lows, I saw them all.

Family, marriage, children, society,

Customs, roles, expectations, piety.


I’ve done it all to the best of abilities,

And now I look ahead hopefully,

The second chapter of my life has started,

Now I will enjoy each second fully.

In this phase of my life, people have become even more important than ever before. Not that they were not earlier. I have always been a very people centric person. Not only my own family, husband, children; relatives, friends and acquaintances have had an important place in my life always. But now I actually have time for them. Now I enjoy people’s company more than just executing roles with them as a wife, mother or aunt.

Since we recently moved into a large apartment complex, I am blessed with lots of wonderful friends now. We spend time together over lunches, dinners, get-togethers, outings and simply at home over cups of tea. I regularly host friends and family over at my home because I absolutely love cooking. My children keep dropping by with their spouses or friends. Overall, I feel I’m living a full enriched life in the company of a lot of beautiful people during this second chapter of my life.

But this chapter comes with its own costs. It is never easy to be surrounded by people all the time. When I was alone at home, cooking for my husband and children, I could have gotten away with not caring about my appearance, knowledge or behavior. But now, I like to look good, speak well and behave appropriately with my friends, family and guests. I like to respect all the people who I meet with by taking out time to groom myself.

Of course this means that each time I have guests coming over, I spend two hours cooking and then two hours getting ready. Making sure my sari is washed and ironed, my nails are manicured, my make up is fine and my bad hair day is kicked out of the window. Normally I don’t put too much make up. Just some kajal and lipstick and I’m set for a gathering. It is my hair that is a huge problem.

I have fairly straight and light hair of medium length. This means that they look odd if left by themselves because of their weird volume. They cluster up if I tie them with a rubber band and start looking like a pig-tail. If I braid them… well, I don’t have enough for a decent braid or bun. If I try to use a scrunchie to half-tie them, they look okay for half an hour but then come out from all over looking untidy and unruly. Like that of a rare mountain sheep.


This mean that when I’m about to get into the company of people, pretty much the only thing that worries me is my hair. My daughter got me some fancy things from America. There is something called a mousse, something which I’m supposed to spray, there is a serum and also a hair mask! They all come in very fancy packages with very hefty price tags attached. They smell lovely, of various flowers and herbs. They are of lovely colors and velvety textures. But despite all that, each of these things is like a riddle of Indiana Jones movies for me! Initially when I get them, I try them out patiently with all my new found excitement, but then as time passes by I start finding them complicated and tedious. For weddings of big parties, I make it a point to go to a beauty parlor or salon to get my hair dressed, but for the mid to small sized parties or get-togethers, I’m always in a dilemma. And sadly, sometimes only because of the stress my hair will cause me, I give up on meeting friends!

If only…

If only, I had a magic wand!

I’d wave it over my hair,

I’d say the words, magical and fair!

I’ll wish that my hair is forever gorgeous,

Whether tied, or left flowing in surges.

I’ll wish they recharge and attain youth again,

Astonish everyone as they follow me like a train!

Yes, that’s true. If I had a magic wand and I could say some magic words to change something, I will use it on my hair. I will put a spell on them so that they become as gorgeous as they were when I was a teenager – long, silky and hassle free! I will put a spell on them so that no matter what occasion it is, no matter who I am meeting or no matter where I am going, they always look perfect! I will wave the magic wand in such a way that my hair gets recharged and becomes wholesome.

With such recharges and gorgeous bouncy hair, I will be able to continue my beautiful chapter of socializing effortlessly. I can call over my entire extended family and cook for them without worrying if the kitchen heat will dampen my hair! II can hop over to my friend’s house at any time of the day without worrying about looking like a tired duck. I can happily welcome unexpected guests without running to the mirror to check if my hair looks perfect!


But most importantly, I can call my children and their respective families home, sit with them in the living room as my husband and I offer them snacks and sweets, and as we are doing so, I can be rest assured that they are all looking at their mother and admiring her silent and assured beauty during this phase of her life.

As all of them look at me with pride –  my husband, my son and daughters and their respective families, I can slowly pat my recharged hair and thank it for recharging my already wonderful life!

Recently, I have discovered a great solution from Sunsilk that promises to make my hair healthy, shiny and beautiful. I plan to start using from tomorrow it to recharge my hair because I can’t wait to recharge my life! I suggest you give it a try too! And then let’s meet at my place to swap stories of great hair and a great life 🙂



22 thoughts on “It’s a wonderful life

  1. the sheep’s comparison was really funny ,
    love the perm on her though ,
    can you get me her stylist ?
    jokes apart ,
    i know your pain ,
    hosting people can be really intimidating.
    all the best !

    1. But I just got the consolation.. had really put my heart into it.. still I’m glad for the winners 🙂
      thanks so much for your very kind words, mean a lot to me! 🙂

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