What’s cooking on the internet?

Now that I have expanded my horizons and spend a lot of time online, I have developed a keen sense of what I like or don’t like in websites. Most of these preferences are related to cooking and recipe websites, but I am a much more mature user in terms of my overall preferences on the internet too. Hence I decided to make a quick list of things that I look for in a website on the internet and what makes it stand out for me.

What I like in a website

  1. Clear contact information: When I want to reach out to the website owner and find that his email id / Facebook handle / Twitter handle is in a picture and I’m expected to memorize it so that I can type it out on my mail editor, I feel quite shocked and disappointed. But this doesn’t end here. If I do mange to contact the website people and never hear from them or hear from them very late, the disappointment is even worse!
  2. Consistent design: I like it if each page in the website looks as if it belongs to the same website and it feels like its all part of an overall plan.
  3. Easy navigation: I love a website where I can find the buttons easily. They should be in easy to locate place like at the top or the left. Ideally, I done like to hunt for them.
  4. Correct spelling: This is a basic pre-requisite. I hate errors in spelling as I think it reflects badly upon the organization as well as the web designer.
  5. Horizontal scrolling:  I hate to scroll horizontally.
  6. Good images: I don’t like images that are too large because they take forever to load, I don’t like them too small as I can’t enjoy them!
  7. Not too drama: Flash, animated graphics, and such things were nice initially, but now I get more and more annoyed if I’m asked to “Skip intro” at every minute! There needs to be a limit to too much animation.
  8. Not too eager to please: The website should not be stuffed with things, at the same time it should cater to my needs and not appear too indifferent.
  9. Safety: If I’m expected to pay online, I’m always very concerned about the security procedures followed by the website. VERY IMPORTANT FACTOR FOR ME TO LIKE OR TRUST A WEBSITE.
  10. Data privacy: Adding to the above, I like being told by the website that my data is private and I won’t be spammed.
  11. No music: Music is good on greeting card websites or those for kindergarten kids, but not on any other website on the planet.
  12. FAQ section: It’s great if the website designers can anticipate my common questions related to their product and answer them in advance.

My favorite website

Since I’m a lover of cooking and food, I regular a lot of such websites. I used to like Tarla Dalal’s website earlier but as I’m becoming more tech and online savvy, I have begun to find the endless advertisements on the right there very distracting. So I DONT like this website much now. Though, the recipes are still usable and lovely. You can see what I mean through this picture…

mom blog bowl tarla pic

In fact this is the exact same thing I feel with Sanjeeve Kapoor’s page and I have TOTALLY STOPPED VISITING it because it feels like Mr. Kapoor is more keen to promote himself and some sponsors than food 🙂 Yes, it’s that bad! See for yourself what I mean through this picture the number of ads that pop up and keep scrolling all the time…

mom blog bowl sanjeev pic

Recently I discovered another interesting cooking website called Show me the Curry. Run by two busy moms, this is a fun interactive website that makes me feel like I know these women well. They are accessible and relate-able. The recipes are simple and the pictures are great. The websites loads fast too. I also love their “Tip Tuesday” section because it shows that they understands users like me and give us timely useful information!

Some of their posts seem promotional to me at times but I am willing to bear through them because there are no other annoying ads! I LOVE THIS SIMPLE FUN WEBSITE. Here’s their home page…

mom blog bowl pic

p.s. This post is written for a contest hosted by WebRiti and The Blog Bowl.


9 thoughts on “What’s cooking on the internet?

  1. I hate horizonal scrolling too and these ads are really irritating but I guess the website earns by these ads only.
    The,’Show me the curry’ website looks interesting. Will check it out sometime.
    All the best for the contest 🙂

  2. Nice post! While going through each of the points, I also simultaneously checked if your blog fulfills all those criteria and guess what? It does 🙂
    All the best for the contest!

  3. I too don’t like music on a website. Sometimes, when I have opened many tabs and music/video plays automatically in one of them, I find it difficult to locate it and stop it. Most probably, I close that website immediately afterwards. Too many ads are another distraction, especially the ones that pop-up.

    I know only basics of cooking, but someday I will learn more. I feel videos might be more helpful to learn, especially if one is close to the beginner level.

    Destination Infinity

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