Product review: Saffola Total oil

I got an opportunity to try the new Saffola Total oil and decided to post a quick review here for my readers. Having a food blog, while my focus is on recipes and on participating in the occasional contests, I realize that I want to post some information related to food, nutrition and health which people may find useful.

First, the facts: Saffola Oil is a product of Marico group and the 1 ltr packing comes at a price of Rs. 180. The oil is light and nice in its texture. It didn’t smoke during frying.


Now, some special qualities of this oil. Saffola Total’ has two times the Antioxidant Power compared to even Olive oil. Which means Saffola total is much more potent than olive oils in terms of antioxidants. If you’re wondering what exactly are antioxidants, let me tell you they are known to fight free radicals which are responsible for cell damage in the body.

“Free radicals” are Harmful unstable molecules that naturally formed in the body during any oxidative process like conversion of food into energy. Their production increases due to factors like smoking, alcohol, air pollution, infection, stress, excessive sunlight, and toxins (radiation and asbestos). Free radicals can cause “oxidative stress,” a process that can trigger cell damage.

While Saffola Total has high anti-oxidant potential, it has various other benefits:

  • While frying it has become prudent to make sure that the undesirable / harmful components formed during frying can be reduced to the best. Anti-oxidants in Saffola total help do just that.
  • When storing oil at home or on the shelf  the free radicals in the air cause the oil to deteriorate  again the role of anti-oxidants is to help prevent that and this results in a better quality product for you and your family.
  • Saffola Total has the added advantage of Losorb Technology. i.e Saffola Total has up to 10 % lower absorption capacity as compared to other oils. Based on external lab studies on sunflower oil, soybean, canola (Saffola Total has shown 18% Lower Absorption over soybean, 16% Lower Absorption over sunflower, 20% Lower Absorption over canola)
  • Saffola Total also gives you the benefits of Multi seed technology, a technology that combines the goodness of two oils in one.

The potency of multiple technologies make Saffola Total a good bet to use for your family. But do remember that just using an oil or popping multi-vitamins is not a sure-shot way of guaranteeing your health or your family’s. There is nothing like the sustained discipline of a healthy balanced diet and moderate amount of exercise!


7 thoughts on “Product review: Saffola Total oil

  1. Since Saffola Total provides twice the antioxidant power than Olive oil, I guess it makes sense to switch to Saffola Total as now it’s better than the normal Olive Oil in controlling Cholesterol.

  2. A very beautiful review about Saffola Total. Is this available in kirana stores as well, any idea or just the big retailers?

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