Letting my hair down

Holi is here. And when it comes to Holi, I’m a pakka Delhi-wallah because it is that fun, mad and crazy festival that I never get tired of celebrating!

So if come to my house on the day of Holi, you will most likely find the following:

  1. The rang barse song from Silsila blaring at top volume on the loud speaker because nothing embodies the spirit of Holi better
  1. Lots of gunjiyas ready on a platter in the living room – they are the quintessential Holi sweets for me
  2. Organic colors of many shades ready to be splashed on my guests because I believe in healthy and harmless playing


  1. Lots of bhaang or other interesting drinking alternatives that all my friends and family love!
  2. Me with a scarf on my head and lots of cream on my skin so that no color falls on them

Well, yes I’m always paranoid on Holi, thinking that my hair and skin will get spoiled with the colors, even if the colors are organic and safe. And it does mean that I miss out on a lot of true Holi fun and flavor. So, this Holi I plan to do something which will break all my past records. What is that?

I will let my hair down (literally); and just go ahead and have undiluted Holi fun! I will allow my hair and skin to breathe, chill out and soak in the Holi madness. If you’re wondering what caused this drastic change of heart, well I saw a beautiful and inspiring Dove play video that filled me a sense of joie de vivre! It told me how I need to let go and play with my hair!

If you want to get the courage to play with your hair too, then watch this video here:

So, inspired? Well, I surely am. I’m going to have the best Holi ever, play hard and party harder. I will play with my hair because I know at the end of it, Dove will take care 😉

Thanks to this lovely contest, I’m going to enjoy Holi this year…. and you?



5 thoughts on “Letting my hair down

  1. Sorry all the people who left comments and liked my post! I just re-published after removing hyper links from videos so that they show as video screens and not just links like before!

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