How can you save money while shopping?

Pari: Hey Tia, how are you?

Tia: I’m glad you called Pari! I’m losing my mind here!

Pari: Oh, gosh! What happened?

Tia: I have my in-laws coming over next week – they just called an hour back.

Pari: Oh! You don’t like them?

Tia: Nah, it’s not about that! They’re nice. Its just that they’re both retired and dependent on my husband so we have to pretty much take care of all expenses of this trip too. Since they visit Mumbai only once or twice a year from Lucknow, I want to make sure that they have a good time. But honestly, this has suddenly come like a shock to me. We hadn’t budgeted for this at all.

Pari: Ah! I can completely understand. Living in Mumbai can anyway be a nightmare with the rent and other expenses. And the job market is such that there wont be any salary hikes or promotions this year too.

Tia: Right, I’m going nuts thinking what to do!

Pari: Okay, take it easy. If we think through this and plan it well, we can handle it well and in a much more controlled budget.

Tia: I don’t think so, time is too less. Everything from flights to food to their shopping will cost us a bomb. I’m thinking of just closing my eyes and setting aside fifty thousand rupees for this purpose.

Pari: No, you don’t have to do that. Listen.

Tia: What?

Pari: Do me a favor and open on your laptop just now.

Tia: What’s that?

Pari: Just do it first.

Tia: Okay……. Done….. Hmmm……. looks interesting.

Pari: It is. Now go to the travel section and select the best travel deal for your in-laws. There are many many options there so there is a guarantee that you will get a great bargain.


Tia: Hmmm, ok, I think I found something. I think I should book it before I lose this.

Pari: No, don’t worry, GoPaisa always has great bargains and cashback going on. First let me show you some way for your other worries and then you can book everything together.

Tia: Ok, sounds great.

Pari: Now, back on the home page, you can see tabs for men’s, women’s kids, electronic, home & furnishing etc – you can select gifts for your in-laws from here. But the best part is this – for each of your purchases, you can find fantastic coupons there on the website which you can use. There are cashbacks mentioned against most shopping deals too.

Tia: Right, I can order a new phone for my father-in-law with the Flipkart coupon and a new Salwar Kamiz for my mother in law with the Jabong cashback.


Pari: And when you order food for them, you have other bargains going on at Dominos, pizza hut and many other restaurants which you can check out from GoPaisa.

Tia: I think I’ll save a lot of money here, Pari! Seems like a user friendly website to me.

Pari: Yes, it is. I tried it myself couple of times and loved the experience.

Tia: Thanks so much Pari! You really saved my skin!

Pari: Don’t mention my dear! Now go and relax! I’ll see you over the weekend! Bye!

Tia: Bye! See you!

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