Saving money while shopping made easier

Tia: Hello girlie!

Pari: Hey Tia, I was just going to call you!

Tia: That’s called telepathy!

Pari: Wow, you seem like you’re in a good mood today!

Tia: I am! Thanks to your advice yesterday on’s excellent resources for booking travel, clothes, gadgets, food and pretty much everything under the sun, I think I have brought down my costs from around fifty thousand rupees to a little over Forty!

Pari: Wow! That’s a LOT OF saving!

Tia: Yes, I think I have got a fabulous bargain on all my planned purchases!

Pari: I’m very happy for you, Tia!

Tia: Thanks to you, Pari!

Pari: So what did you do for travel?

Tia: I just went to the Travel section of GoPaisa and picked up a cashback offer from musafir. It was simple and smooth and I managed to complete my transaction without wasting too much time or money.

Pari: Perfect! And for gifts for your in-laws?

Tia: I have ordered a new mobile phone for my father-in-law using the Flipkart offer, and some lovely kitchenware for my mother-in-law from Pepperfry using a great cashback that I found. I have also seen some coupons to order food using foodpands on GoPaisa. I think that will take care of the special days where we all feel like eating from outside.


Pari: isn’t it great that it’s all in one place?

Tia: Yes, exactly what I was going to say! Normally I have to go to each of these websites separately to find out discounts or bargains! But now I feel relieved that I can find them all in one place and just get done with it all together! With a small child and all the housework, I don’t have time to hunt for deals and coupons in various places!

Pari: I can imagine! It’s just the same with me.

Tia: And these people seem to be updating their discounts and adding better ones almost on an ongoing basis.

Pari: Really?

Tia: Yeah, there are always great ones coming up one after the other. I think the team behind GoPaisa really is intelligent and customer-friendly. They see,m to understand what people like us want.

Pari: Wow, I am even more impressed now! Our roles seem to have reversed from yesterday! Hahaha!

Tia: Hahaha! That’s true! Why don’t you go and shop for something now?

Pari: you’ve tempted me so much that I think I’ll do that right away! Have been wanting some new blankets and quilts so I think I’ll check the home & furnishing section for some bargain! Bye!


Tia: Hahaha, good luck! Bye!

This post is a part of the Shop, only to Save More! Activity by in association with


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