Shopping or cricket? Easy choice.


Recently we went shopping. It was couple of friends from my apartment complex. The plan was made after a lot of planning to match everyone’s schedule. Once we reached a busy Delhi market, all ladies attacked shops with a vengeance. We love shopping together because we share common taste in colors, fabrics and styles.


Soon salwar kamizes were being pulled out and draped around each other, saris were being paraded around and sandals were being displayed to each other. There was a lot of giggling among us, we made sure each shop keeper offered us tea and snacks and talked loudly so that all other shoppers looked at us constantly. If you want to understand exactly what we’re talking bout, then try out a group shopping rip with your buddies and be totally free and uninhibited to see how much fun it is!


But the fun lasted only till I spotted a TV playing the IPL match in one of the stores! All my friends know that I am very obsessed with cricket but none of them knew there was a match that day, in fact surprisingly even I had forgotten about the match that was scheduled for that day! But the moment I saw the match, I was hooked. The fun shopping spirit left me and my cricket crazy avatar took over. All me friends noticed this and immediately regretted bringing me to a store with a TV.

They requested, cajoled, threatened and persuaded me but it was like no voice was entering my brain other than the one of the commentators. They made gestures to pull me up but it was like I couldn’t see any gesture other than the umpires. I told them that we need to buy everything from this store only otherwise I would have to terminate my shopping association with them for the day. Since it was a tiny boutique store with only selected ethnic clothes, my friends were in a fix.

Finally after much disappointment and discussions they abandoned me. They ganged up and told that by far this was the craziest thing not only me but anyone ever had done for cricket. I mentally made a note to invite all of them to my house soon for party to placate them. But right now my attention was only on the shots the Virat Kohli was playing. Everybody else could wait.bat-33064_1280

I also immediately opened the Star Sports website on my i-phone so that I never ever miss any match because of a slight memory lapse about match dates. With the live streaming and regular updates me cricket crazy avatar and Star sports soon became best friends!


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Image courtesy: pixabay


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