Silent understanding between cricket lovers


India has two religions: cricket and Bollywood. And I am a firm believer of this. I am sure everybody has their own reasons but for me it is the thrill of sitting together with friends and family to enjoy an exciting sport is what binds me to sparking cricket.


Because of my love for the game I have done some really extreme things to make sure that I don’t miss even a single shot. Here is my most bizarre escapade for the love of the game:

Once during the last world cup, I went to a wedding of my friend’s daughter. The day happened to be one key match between India and another country. All through getting ready, driving up and reaching the venue, my mind was stuck on the game! The venue was a farm house on the outskirts of Delhi. The park was lit up with fancy lights and there was some soothing music playing in the background. There was even a water fountain in the middle of the gathering where children were having a great time splashing each other. But it was the food that should have caught my fancy. Being a foodie and cooking lover, I normally enjoy going to weddings in Delhi where no stone is left unturned in offering all possible cuisines at weddings. Sometimes I do see the pointlessness of offering South India dosas, Rajasthani daa-baati, Chines noodles, Italian pasta and Punjabi daal makhani and butter chicken to people who are so caught up in taking care of their expensive clothes and make-up to bother eating anything, but then we dilli-wallahs are all about show-off, aren’t we? So I think its better to accept out desperate need to look superior and rich, and enjoy some of the good food that comes along with it.


Anyway I digressed a bit. I was telling you about how my mind was filled with thoughts of cricket. Each time somebody said anything rhyming with ‘store’ I would think they are saying ‘score’ and my head would turn 360 degree very much like sass-bahu TV shows. Every time I would hear somebody cheering, I would think there has been a six or a four and I would look at everybody’s face with a lot of anticipation. But it seemed that the world was oblivious to my pain and anguish. I felt like the 60s Bollywood mother who’s son has become a criminal and going around the streets looking for a tattoo that says, “Mera baap chor hai”.

Suddenly I heard a loud laughter which was filled with pure happiness. I was sure that only one person can laugh with such true joy – somebody who has just watched a fantastic shot being played! My feet automatically started walking in the direction of the laughter. Slowly I found myself in the manager’s office.


As expected he was watching the match sitting in the comfortable interiors of his farm-house manager office. He looked at me in surprise. I told him I had a headache and need to sit down. He saw my eyes fixed on the TV and understood the truth behind it immediately. He offered me a cola and two true-blooded cricket lovers enjoyed two hours of brilliant cricket after that in silent understanding company.


Also thanks to the new Star Sports website which has heard the woes of all cricket lovers like me by offering us some fabulously and free live streaming of matches. I have tried it on a couple of occasions and found it very impressive – you should try it too!


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