Tresemme Split remedy and a new me


When I was growing up, ‘getting old’ was just a phase that was going to hit me some time in my life. It was just a thing that I would have to deal with in some distant future, future which was in the unforeseeable distance, which may or may not even happen, which I could chose to ignore and not think about. My parents were ‘getting old’, there were uncles, aunts, neighbors; there were characters on TV who had to use walking sticks and complained of knee pains, but not me. Like youngsters of all generations, I seemed to be living in a bubble that this won’t happen to me. Like youngsters of all generations, I lived in the moment and my ignorance was my biggest strength.

I don’t know when it began to change. When my eyes started belying me, when my legs started hurting after walking too much, when I had to sit down after working continuously to catch my breath. I don’t know when tiny crevices started appearing next to my eyes, my hair started showing telling signs of grey close to my temple. I don’t know when things that I used to earlier take from granted suddenly became problems that I found myself most preoccupied with. Inside, I may still feel like that seventeen year old who still wants to climb my parents’ guava tree with my friends and play the whole day; but outside my body has started weaving its stories. Whether I want to acknowledge this disconnect between my heart’s age and my body’s age – it does not matter – because I know all people who ‘grow old’ go through the same confusions. What matters is how I want to deal with it.

Do I want to wallow in my body’s betrayal? Do I want to give up hope because I cannot do the physical activities that I could till even last year, with the same speed and energy? Do I force my heart to ‘grow old’, give up its childlike curiosity and naughtiness? Yes, all these things may be the easy way out to immediately get rid of the divide between my heart and my body. So do I?

No, I don’t want to do that.

Thankfully I’m still aligned to that little girl of seven who played dollhouse with her elder sister. Thankfully I still chuckle at the memory of that young woman of fourteen who marveled in her body’s changes. Thankfully I still adore the young lady of twenty who loved the freedom she got from going to college alone. And you know what? The little girl, that young woman and the young lady are all the same – they are me. The same me, the same kitchen mummy whose heart is still young, impish, playful, mischievous – irrespective of how her body is. And that is what defines the person who I am. That is what makes me – me.

And with this kitchenmummy attitude, I decided to handle an issue that I started facing recently. Of late, I noticed that my hair had started splitting at the ends. With the slight graying and thinning beginning already, split ends were the last hair problem I wanted on my hands now. But that’s what exactly happened. So instead of accepting it as one the common problems and learning to live with it, I decided to take charge of my hair and get rid of the split ends. . The beauty of women is enhanced through the various hair styles that they carry and maintaining healthy hair growth is necessary – I was not going to let anything stop me from that! I did some amount of research on the matter, tried a few solutions and had some information finally that I thought I should share on my blog for those suffering from the same problem.

So, what are split ends?

Wikipedia says that split ends is the splitting or fraying of the hair-shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress. Its also knows as Trichoptilosis.

What cause them?

Many things have been discovered to case split ends. Some of the common ones are:

  • Excessive use of hot styling tools (irons, hot curlers, blow dryers).
  • Overuse of chemical treatments (rebonding, perms, hair color).
  • Excessive use of styling products with chemicals and alcohol.
  • External damage from heat, cold, wind etc.
  • Lack of routine maintenance such as regular trimming.
  • Use of inferior hair care / styling products.
  • Hard water, ocean salt water, chlorine, UV rays.
  • Stress, bad eating habits and lack of vital vitamins and minerals in the body.

What are some of the issues that come up because of split ends?

  • Hair breaks easily because split ends make it brittle
  • Split ends can even lead to breakage higher up on the hair shaft
  • Hair look dry and frizzy
  • Hair looks dull and damaged
  • You need to be too careful with your hair which means almost no use of styling products or equipment, hence very limited options to groom them, especially for special occasions

How do they look?


How do you look when you have them?


So, what can you do about split ends?

Most of the things that can be done to deal with split ends are rather extreme, with resulting problems and issues attached, for example:

Split end solution Associated problem
Trim them once every 6 weeks It reduces your length each time and never lets you grow your hair out
Do not use heating products or styling products At times you may really want to straighten your hair, curl them or style them into a bun or braid, for which you need to necessarily use these products
Do not shampoo too much With the dust, oil and pollution these days, it is almost mandatory to shampoo hair two to three times a week

So, what does this mean?

This means that extreme solutions like these need to be complemented with treatments of other durations and intensity. And one of the best and easiest ways to rescue your split ends without taking drastic measures or spending too much time? It is the new Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner.

I used the new Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner and was very happy with the results. My split ends gradually started binding together after a few washes. In fact the damaged hair shafts were visibly stronger just after three washes. The TVC of the shampoo says that the new Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner rescue 96% of split ends in three washes and I can understand how that happens after having used it myself now.


Tresemme brings salon style hair to your very home and it has been recommended by Cosmopolitan magazine. For the price range that they offer, getting such a great split remedy is really a steal. Normally such treatments are very expensive in high-end parlors. Binding split ends speaks of a lot of research and expertise on Tresemme’s part and I can really the result in the form of my strong and lovely hair now!

How should you use the Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner?

  • Coat wet hair with a liberal amount of shampoo.
  • Gently massage the scalp and roots with fingertips and get a lather.
  • Lightly take out the shampoo from roots to ends and rinse it out well with water.
  • Apply Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner from middle to tips (avoid roots). Rinse off with water thoroughly.

Quick facts about Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and conditioner

About Launched in 1947, TRESemmé was named after renowned hair care expert Edna Emmé. Up until the 1950’s, TRESemmé was sold only in salons. Today it is available at a shop near you, so that you can have salon style hair at home.For over 60 years, TRESemmé has built a history of success in 13 countries around the world.
Price Rs 170.00 for 215ml size, for both shampoo and conditioner.

Finally, what are some of my quick tips for strong and beautiful hair?

  • A balanced diet is essential for strong and healthy hair. Make sure to include Spinach, Carrots, mangoes and apricots in your diet.
  • Regular cleansing of hair and scalp washes away dirt and dust – very important! Also important to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out thoroughly and not leave any of their residue in your hair.
  • Gently towel drying is important to give your hair the tender love they need. Don’t brush them when wet, and only gently brush with a wide-tooth comb when dry.
  • Avoid high heat on your styling appliances, as they can be very harsh for your lovely tresses.
  • Do not overdo chemical treatments, as they can weaken and damage your hair.
  • Gently massage your scalp often, with or without oil, to improve blood circulation, increasing oxygen and nutrient flow.
  • Trim your hair regularly as split ends can slow down hair growth
  • Order the new Tresemme Split Remedy range right at home, from Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and many other online shopping sites — this means in order to get the salon style hair, you don’t need to leave the comfort of home at all!


(p.s. Product reviewed for Indiblogger and Tresemme. Hair image from Wikipedia, Tresemme picture from the Facebook page and cry baby image is from Pixabay)




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