Love in the times of Baggout


The current heartthrob Ranvir Singh has been very busy with his back-to-back films, endorsements and appearances. He has no time for himself, being always busy with shoots, interviews and other related engagements. Each day, he comes back home well past midnight and has to get ready to leave the next day by 7 AM. He is beginning to feel totally exhausted and drained. But stardom is so addictive that once a person gets used to it, he or she can never come out of it. The comfortable life, flattering attention, lot of appreciation, screaming fans, luxurious facilities and endless supply of money – who would want to leave such a life?


But Ranvir needed something to ease his stress, something to soothe him, something to balance the maddening work hours. At the right time, somebody walked into his life. Somebody who was pretty, attractive and always around to soothe his tired nerves. Her name was Deepika Padukone.


Ranvir was so happy at his luck, at being in the good books of such a pretty girl that he decided that he has to show her his happiness in some way or the other. He thought for days and days about what would be the right way for him to do so. And then one day he found the answer to all his worries and queries! Last Saturday, he suddenly happened to check out a fabulous new website called!

He went to the cool website and started finding out a bit more about it. He loved the home page:


This is what he found about Baggout: is a product aggregation and cashback website for online shoppers. The website lists products from over 500 online retailers including some of the leading ones such as Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Homeshop18, Zovi, Yepme and Shopclues and some niche stores with great products such as Whitemango, SimpleSarees, HappilyUnmarried, High5store and Zohraa. It is a one stop shop for online shoppers to browse through a diverse range of products; in addition, Baggout also provides coupons and Cashback on majority of the partner stores. The user can either click on the Buy button and get redirected to the partner store selling the product or click on the Save button to save the product in her profile for viewing later. Baggout also provides product specific coupons on the listed products and also pass on cashback on each purchase to the customer from the sales commission received from the retailer. strives to make online shopping experience an enjoyable experience wherein the user receives all the shopping related information at one place including product search, product filtering, applicable best coupons and exclusive cashback. provides cashback on each purchase which is over and above the coupon discounts and is provided through the commission received from the partner seller site. The cashback normally gets tracked within 48 hour and the cashback gets paid in cash within 60 days.

He was curious to find out how the cashback works? This is what he saw:


The list of retailers was mind-boggling! So many of them!


He could also see what were the trending products in all categories:


Now his heart was pumping! He could pretty much order everything he wanted for his lady love right here! That too just with some simple clicks! But just when he began ordering exciting goodies for his lovely girlfriend – clothes from Myntra, shoes from Flipkart and home accessories from Jabong, a thunder sounded outside. He looked up and then through the windows and then at the door. Somebody walked in who made him freeze.

It was Anushka Sharma.


Ranvir: Hey… Anushk-, How- What-

Anushka: Stop stammering! You’re not Shahrukh Khan from Darr.

Ranvir: No, I’m now, I mean, uh-

Anushka: You’re wondering what am I doing here, after knowing about you and Deepika.

Ranvir: Yes. I mean, no!!!!

Anushka: Whatever.

Ranvir: Actually, there’s nothing between her and me, babes. I’m still in love with you.

Anushka: That’s why you follow her like a puppy dog and there are pictures of you do doing coochie-coo everywhere.

Ranvir: Photoshop, darling! Really, Anu!

Anushka: Really?

Ranvir: Yeah! Yeah! See, I was just ordering some gifts for you, darling!

Anushka: Oh, that’s so sweet!!! What were you ordering for me?

Ranvir: Uh, oh, uh, see- I was ordering this exquisite bowl.


Anushka: Looks beautiful!

Ranvir: Thank God…

Anushka: What?

Ranvir: I mean, thank Baggout, they’re so good!

Anushka: Hmmm… Okay I got to go now. Have a lip surgery lined up.

Ranvir: Okay, bye honey!


The next day when the bowl is delivered, Ranvir and Deepika are together at that time. Deepika sees the packet. The gift card on it says, “For my Anu”


Deepika: Hey, what’s this babe?

Ranvir: Uh, oh, uh, umm, uh-

Deepika: Say something, you duffer!

Ranvir: This is for you, darling.

Deepika: Then why does it say, Anu? Who’s Anu?

Ranvir: Uh-

Deepika: One sec! Is it Anushka?

Ranvir: Noooooooooo!

Deepika: Then?

Ranvir: I meant A-new-life! A-nu! Short form for A-new-life! A-nu = A-new-life! You’re my new life, that’s why this is for you!

Deepika: Huh? Uh? But?

Ranvir: Don’t think too much, darling. Your brain will hurt.

Deepika: Yeah! Thanks, you understand me so well!

Ranvir whispers ‘Thank you Baggout!’ and hugs her.


(p.s. Post written for this Blogger program run by Baggout)




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