Passion connects, Passion ignites!


Shannon L. Alder once said:

“If you want to discover the true character of a person, you have only to observe what they are passionate about.”

Passion is a wonderful thing. Like hope, it keeps a person energized. It keeps him or her gravitated towards things that give a meaning to life, bring a sense of purpose and thumps the heart with nervous excitement constantly. Given the mysterious nature of life and the futile search of meaning in mundane things, it is an overriding interest or passion that makes things worthwhile at times. Something that makes one wake up with joy, something that fuels one’s steps and something that gives a beacon to look forward to always. In fact passion is the true key to being successful. When we are passionate about something, we find ourselves dedicated to working diligently, even when things get challenging.

Rumi said:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

So many things vie for your attention. Job, kids, house, family, friends, technology. But it is something deeper that holds it. No wonder it is passionate people who have defined and changed the world from time immemorial. Whether Sachin Tendulkar with his insatiable passion for cricket or Steve Jobs and his hunger for excellence in visual smart technology. Whether Amitabh Bachhan’s brand of excellence in cinema or Bill Gates’ passion for giving through Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. It is passionate people like these that keep the world going in a positive direction, that lead the way for others and that show how a purpose and interest are vital to life.


No wonder Farhan Akhtar very meaningfully said in a recent TV advertisement too,

If your passion keeps you awake at night,

You are shining…

So isn’t it obvious then that two passionate people will find something to connect with? When two people fuelled by a similar blood pumped with vigor get to meet, they will instantly identify each other in a crowd, they will have so much to talk about and they will share a bond like none other. Especially if the passion is shared! If the thing that energizes them, excited them is common, then they will know a joy like none other. Without the need for verbal communication, they will understand each other. Without the need for explicit expression, they will know what the other is feeling.


One of the most rewarding things that we experience in life is our relationships with our family and friends, we love connecting with others outside the known sphere mostly because we enjoy being around people who share similar interests as we do. If you’re passionate about something, surround yourself with positive like-minded people because they will affect you the most. When you connect with others who are passionate about the same causes, it allows for your accelerated development and learning.

Who are your like-minded people? People who share your passion and interests, who ‘get’ you.
Why should you surround yourself with them? Such people fuel other passionate people, so connect with others who will inspire you. There is a collective energy, stimulation, and dream between passionate people that will help get you grow.
How can it help you? These bonds can potentially turn into powerful friendships, bonds and relationships, whether personal or professional.
How can you connect with people who share your passion, interest and commitment? With the rapid changes in today’s world, connecting with people has becomes much easier. The advent od social networking sites allows you to reach out to people you want to have conversations with, people whom you find interesting and people who may share your interests. These online collaborations can sometimes develop into offline collaborations with wider results, as happened in the case of some businesses already. Otherwise it is a great avenue to simply connect.

If you’re able to create such a path for yourself where you learn to connect with like-minded, it will surely be like true love.

And True Love is what I found on the Car Connect website. As you have guessed from my previous post, I have discovered this recent love for cars that’s capturing my heart and imaginations, but I wanted to write this post specifically to talk about how I’ve found an infinite world of shared passions and interests on the Car Connect forum. And I think this is how it works—-

Try being amid people newly in love and see how their unadulterated happiness touches you. Try being in a hospital where new born babies are making their parents so joyous and you will come out feeling that some of that has rubbed off on you as well. Anywhere happy people converge, being in that space brings a lot of positivity to you. And this is why a forum like Car Connect is marvelous. I feel that the way it brings together aficionados of cars together, it multiples everybody’s happiness many times. It opens car lovers up, helps them share experiences and keeps bringing them back to keep connecting with the fellow car loving community.

how worksAnd all this is not without reason. Magma is the company that has designed and launched Car Connect, with a very important objective in mind. They want to open up the boundaries that exist between car lovers. They know that there are millions of people out there who love to talk, breathe and live cars – but have nobody to share it with. And that is when they step in. With wonderful features on its portal and a chat facility on its forum, Car Connect really offers you everything that you dream of as a car lover.

You dream of high speed long drive on the highway each night?

In classrooms, your mind is stuck on the fascinating new car model you saw on the road?

In theaters, you can’t shake off the thought of the test drive you’re taking tomorrow?

With your lover, you’re actually imagining the new car you will buy?

Enter Car Connect.

Cars are artful tools to me, all of them. They aren’t just meant for driving, they’re almost meant for living in today’s world. People spend so much time in them, that they are like second homes. Going to the grocer’s, traveling to office, meetings friends out for a night, going to attend family functions or lounging comfortably on long road trips, cars serve so many purposes that it is difficult to find many other things like them.

Car Connect knows that a great car is like a skilled dance partner. If you’re a good lead, and she’s a good follow, you can make burn the road and create scintillating magic. Car Connect knows that a good car is like a gorgeous pair of stilettos. Shoes can be a ‘necessary’ tool for our feet, but a good pair of stilettos is matter of refined taste and judgment. They are bought, nurtured and indulged because we ‘want’ them, not always because we ‘need’ them.

And this is where I think Car connect has understood us so well and addressed the most crucial gap in the world of car lovers – the lack of ‘connect’.  With the world coming close and yet spreading far, connect is what we need. For any bunch of passionate people, we need bridges like CarConnect to join and fuel our imaginations and lives!

Explore its wonderful world here!

car connect

So if I have succeeded in making you believe that passion can truly make your life worthwhile and beautiful, through this post, then I would love to share some tips with you here on how to fuel your interests and passion:

  • Be open to possibilities: Happiness can strike you anywhere, friends can be made anywhere and interests can be cultivated anywhere too – keep your mind open!
  • Travel: it opens your world, and you mind…
  • Share: Knowing something fantastic and keeping it to yourself may not serve much purpose. Share it with others and multiple your resources.

After all it is totally in our hands as to what we make of our lives. Marcus Aurelius once said:

Our life is what our thoughts make it. Do the best that you can, where you are, with what you have.”

This post written for this bloggers campaign by CarConnect. Images are from Hindustan Times,, NewYorkTimes, Hindu and


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