Memories, nostalgia and love


I hardly get to meet my sisters these days. With life having proceeded in various directions and so many different things having taken over my time, simple chats with my sisters have become a luxury. Especially, my youngest sister whom I’m closest to. She is a mother of two children and used to stay close to our earlier house. But our chances of catching up went really down when we moved to our current place. Earlier she used to come by almost every week.

She really enjoys my cooking and would call me to ask for something special each time. Now I miss all those demands and pampering I could shower on her. So recently when she planned to come over and spend a day with me, I decided to make it really special! The whole of Saturday went in preparation as various fruits, vegetables and other ingredients were washed and prepped. The bases for dishes, chopping and cold desserts were made in advance and only the final cooking was left for Sunday morning before her arrival.

When she reached, I wasn’t prepared for the bout of emotions we would both feel. In the house shifting, settling in and so many changes, I hadn’t been able to meet her at all. Since we were seeing each other after almost six months, we immediately hugged and burst into tears. Then I got her inside the house and made her relax for some time.

Before she could say anything I served her a refreshing khus syrup based drink that gave her immediate respite from the scorching summer. The refreshing drink was served in the dazzling BRACELET glasses from my own MyBorosil, and this added an extra punch to the beverage.

Imagine a chilled breeze flowing down your throat, soothing your senses and taking away your fatigue! Imagine is sparkling green color also soothing your sore eyes and making them feel as if nature is within reach!

After the drink she felt a bit better and we started talking. She had bought me a pretty kurti from my favorite cotton brand and I tried it on. It fit me perfectly and I loved the color scheme. Seeing me happy, my sister was very excited too. This was a perfect precursor to what I served next.

Next, I brought her freshly fried paneer pakodas, lightly crispy on the outside and very soft from the inside. This was served with tangy mint chutney and sweet tamarind chutney. Together they were the perfect combination to get anyone chatty and giggly, especially the pakodas came beautifully served in the Mini Plate Set and the chutneys in the Baby Gourmet Bowls Set!

Imagine fresh-off-the-pan mildly spicy crispy pakodas stuffed with melting cottage cheese. Imagine the combination of tangy and sweet chutneys, bringing out the flavors that remind one of childhood, long-forgotten rains and many layers of beautiful nostalgia!

As children, we used to insist that our mother make pakodas every time it rained, so sitting there together eating them brought back a flood of touching memories for us. But we couldn’t just keep hanging there because there was a lot more to come. So after sending the next one hour talking about many different things, we moved to the kitchen. Now it was soon going to be time for lunch and she decided to help me get it ready and served. My husband who was out on errands for most of the day was going to be joining us briefly for lunch too.

For lunch there was Punjabi chhole prepared with the best of kabuli chana in tomato base, the tomato pureed till they were mushy and delectable. The other dish, which is an all time favorite in my vegetarian household was also going to grace the table today – malai kofta. This was basically cottage cheese and potato balls served in a thick creamy cashew gravy. The gravy is reminiscent of nawabi times, with its richness and splendor – a feast totally fit for the kings. The final item on the mains was going to be lightly sautéed cauliflower as a dry side dish. We liked this to be blooming and lightly colored, yet the flavors to burst on our tongues each time we took a bite.

To complement this spread, were fluffy fulkas that we both made together, with lots of jokes on the side and peas pulao made with basmati rice. When laid out, the pulao looked like an inviting garden, beckoning our taste buds with their freshness and aroma. For dessert there was rabdi that I made at home, milk boiled at home and then mixed with sugar to come at a thick creamy sweet delight. For my sister and me, this was like a fragrant river flowing from my childhood when our grandmother used to make the rabdi after hours of concentration and boiling. Her patience, mixed with her affection for us came together with this divine sweet and pleased us every single time!

Once the food was ready, it was time to serve. My sister served the Punjabi chhole and the malai kofta in MyBorosil’s lovely Grill&Drop Round Casseroles which I love for its sleek and stylish design. For the cauliflower, she chose the Easy Grip Round Casserole, which we find very utilitarian, being easy to handle and pass around the table. Its mighty good looks add to its charms too!

The rice was laid out in the full majesty that true basmati deserves and what better to do that than the Rectangular Dish, a symbol of old world good looks. For the dessert we chose the Souffle Dish, as its unique and gorgeous shape lures even those who are otherwise unwilling to indulge their sweet tooth 😉

With my Borosil collection laid out on the table, filled with food that I had made with all my heart, we couldn’t help tearing up a bit. In those few dishes and moments, there were so many little memories, cherished instants and elapsed conversation that suddenly came to life.

Imagine a feast that reminds you of your mother’s indulgence, your father’s care, your grandmother’s affection and your sister’s love. Imagine cookware that brings out the subtle warmth from your food, Make it come alive as if it were living people and memories. Imagine the food and the gorgeous servingware coming together to form a perfect marriage that leaves you with most divine aftertaste…

That day when the three of us sat down to take it in the experience of this meal, each of us felt like we lived a beautiful time and era in our own ways. I have tried my best to re-create it here for you, but I feel that to truly know what depth of emotions I felt that day, and that too through the comforting nostalgic world of food, you must go to MyBorosil and live it yourself… 🙂


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