A meal to engage all senses


My daughter read my previous post and called me immediately. It was such an amazing conversation that I decided to immediately write on my blog about it. The post in question is the one where I have described how a warm elaborate meal shared with my sister evoked childhood memories and nostalgia in me. Sitting so many miles away, my daughter couldn’t help but feel touched by the rush of emotions. While she was glad I could cook and serve the feast with help from MyBorosil, she was sad at missing it all out.

“Mom, I miss your tasty cooking.”

“Awwww, I’ll cook for you when you’re here, honey.”

“But that is so many months away! Being so far away from you, I can’t enjoy your excellent food and this is something that irks me every single day. I feel like I’m missing out on so much, especially after reading your post!”

That got me thinking. “Hmmm, okay I have an idea.”


“I will describe a meal with similarly beautiful images for you. This will be the meal that my darling daughter will be treated with when she visits us for her Diwali holidays… So what do you say to the idea that I will keep your favorite Gajar Halwa ready for you?”

She laughed with joy. “Really!”

I smiled as I imagined her settling in her sofa with a warm shawl thrown over her and my maternal instincts wished that she is warm and secure. “Yes, when you will enter the house on the very first day itself, this is what you will see….

The dinning table will be covered with my 100% cotton fresh new table linen in minty green and pure white. An eclectic mix of checks, stripes, and floral motif, the linens will make you feel like spring is back!

There will be some lovely candles and MyBorosil leaf tea lights on the table to add movement and warmth to the table. Since you’re such a yellow light lover, I’m sure this will be to your liking.

We’ll use eco-friendly fabric napkins. The feel of a substantial fabric napkin is not only great for those enjoying a cozy meal, but also brings grace to the meal. I have picked up a few recently that you will surely love – they have a wonderful earthy quality, reminiscent of soil and grass.

The dinner will be served in nothing but the best. MyBorosil’s fabulous Vibgyor – Neuvo 35 Piece dinner set will occupy the center place on our table with its elegant and classy looks. Strikingly elegant in every table setting, every piece of this Dinner Set will help transform our first meal together into a stylish occasion. This Trendsetting range of Melamine dinnerware, Trays and Bowls are sure to add that touch of style and glamour to our meal!

The Gajar Halwa itself will be sumptuous and mouth watering. Loaded with cashews and smoothly creamy, it will be packed with fresh carrots. Along with a splattering of taste, it will give you plenty of vitamin A for a healthy vision and glowing skin. I can already imagine you drooling over each bite of the halwa, as I give you repeated servings, complimenting my cooking and giving me repeated hugs! The rest of the snacks, to go with the sweet indulgence, will be waiting for you in the trendy SNACK SET.

In the background, I will turn on your favorite dinner party music, like 70s Hindi film songs! We’ll make sure the volume is low enough to easily talk over. The music will fill in silences, and adds a certain sense of motion to the evening.

The entire meal combining delicious flavors will be treat for your taste buds, the gorgeous MyBorosil servingware will be a treat for your eyes, the lovely music will kindle your ears and the interesting family conversations will keep your heart and mind alive! All in all, it will all come together to beautifully engage all your senses!”

My daughter chuckled on the other side after listening to all this, and I knew she was happy and safe 🙂


The post is part of this delicious campaign. MyBorosil makes whatever you’re doing simpler, smarter and better. As dependable as they are desirable, you can trust their products always to perform beautifully.


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