My perfect meal for a date night


Our anniversary is coming up and I’m having such a great time with MyBorosil’s fabulous Beautiful Food blogger campaign, that I decided to write an exclusive post about my dream anniversary meal. Of course the post would be incomplete if I do not add bits on how I would make it even dreamier with impeccable Borosil glassware.

So, here is the step-by-step lowdown on what will be my perfect mouth-watering meal for my date night, broken into the three important phases:

Phase one: Before the date night

It will be planned minutely and much in advance, so that there are not last minute disasters or unpleasant surprises. The things that my husband likes and appreciates, which relax him and cheer him up – all of them will be an integral part of this night. These will include his choice of music, ambience and of course food!

The location will be our terrace, as sometimes all you need is a blanket of stars to get your romance rekindled! There will be a table for two set up there, with the help of my friends and of course the building watchman!

There will be a short movie made with the help of some simple software (Gosh, time is running out for me to learn the software bit). This movie will include moments that we have spent together through our journey together. Since we don’t have too many videos as videos weren’t very popular earlier, I will make a collage of our pictures with background music.

Phase two: During the date night

There will be a lot of fresh flowers on the table and around to add a delicate scent and aroma to the evening. My husband loves the delicate lilies for the way they enhance the mood – so lilies it is for our date night!

The place will be dimply lit with my antique lamps. There will be mild Indian classical Carnatic music playing in the background as both my husband and I are old school. Plus the music will complement the theme for the evening which is “South Indian”.

The cookware and servingware, without a doubt, will be all from MyBorosil because I want only the best! Through all my experience with Borosil, I have learnt that they understand the true value of excellence and personal care. They have designed each of their pieces with utmost precision and attention to details – just the kind of thing that Indian families deserve.

To drink there will be some red wine from his favorite South African vineyard, served in the gorgeous Canard Tumblers. Post the meal, there will be some freshly brewed coffee served in my favorite Classic Tea Set.

For the starters, there will be Urid Vadai. These crispy and flaky, deep fried, Urad dal doughnuts will be the perfect to the evening. For the extra punch, there will be lots of fennel seeds and curry leaves in them. The delicately flavored and lovingly prepared Urad Vadai will be served in the sassy Variety Platter Square. It has been intelligently designed to serve a variety of delicacies and I feel it will really bring out my starter.

The first item in the main course will be Mysoor Paruppu, which is a lovely dish made with lentils cooked with onions, garlic, and later deftly tempered with aromatic cumin seeds, mustard seeds, onions and dry chillis. The next item will be Kathari-kai. This is a dry Aubergine curry cooked in tamarind. Other important ingredients that make Kathari-kai special are sauteed onion, curry leaves and mustard seeds. In rice and breads there will be Ghee rice and Kerela Parota. Ghee Rice is my husband’s favorite and he can have it for any meal! He loved this slow cooked Basmati rich with ghee, fragrant spice and sprinkled with fried onion on the top! The Kerela parota is the soft bread whose specialty is the way its layers unravel when you try to take a morsel; plus the way it soaks in the curries and melts in your mouth later – totally divine! The main course will be served in the Vibgyor – Milano 35 Piece dinner set, which has all the pieces exclusively designed to give you what’s required to create a perfect meal.

The dessert will be the Payasam, which is fairly close to the north Indian kheer in texture and flavor. This delicacy pudding cooked in milk with cashew nuts and raisins will be the perfect warm closure to a lovely and unforgettable date night. Added to that the exquisite Designer Bowl Set in which the payasam will be poured, which not only looks lovely but also can be microwaved, and the Alpha Tray on which it will be served – and you have a perfect end to a dazzling night!

Phase three: After the date night

We will sit under the stars and have a long conversation – something that has become so cherished in today’s busy lifestyle! I’m sure I will be able to woo my husband all over again with this thoughtfully planned and executed date. After a sumptuous and fulfilling meal, complemented by the perfect cookware and servingware from MyBorosil, I’m sure this wonderful unique experience will stay in our memories forever!


Post written for this yummy contest.


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