5 things that zest up my life and my kitchen

So, after writing such a yummy post filled with food, I couldn’t help but follow it up with something related though a little serious! Anyhow I feel that it will help my readers who follow me for cooking tips. Here I want to share the 5 things that I commonly use in my kitchen that totally zest up my life!

Garam masala 

Almost an essential for an Indian meal, garam masala is an assortment of couple of other spices like cinnamon, cloves, pepper and fennel. So if you find it tough to grind each of these spices each time, just stock up on some good quality garam masala and you’re all set to rock all meals!



Full of friendly bacteria, curd packs a lot of health nutrition and taste. I use curd extensively in my kitchen: not only do I insist that my family eats it for almost all meals, I also add it to a lot of my curries to make them thicker. This is a good substitute to the coconut milk which is commonly used in South India for the same purpose of making curries richer and creamier.

Mortar and pestle

There is nothing like a good old mortar and pestle to zest up your life. You can use it to grind the masala to add it to you tea or to add to your pulao, you can quickly squash some dry fruits to sprinkle on your Indian desserts or you can even pulp a fruit! It is quick, easy to use and very handy.

Pressure cooker

My western friends cannot stop praising my use of a pressure cooker. One of them even bought it and took it back with her to France! Extremely useful and a sharp time saver, pressure cookers are a brilliant Indian accessory. You can use them to boil rice or to cook curries, they will make your job much less cumbersome and you can enjoy your saved time to do other things you enjoy!

A sharp knife

This may sound obvious, but this is something most essential. So many times I have heard complaints about difficulties in cooking and then gone to that person’s home to find a blunt knife being used. Or a wrong kind being used. Or something else related to this. A great knife is your best equipment in an Indian kitchen!


This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com

All images from Pixabay.


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