From my kitchen, from my heart

The other day, I was wondering what the difference between a foodie and cook is. No, I don’t mean in terms of eating, of course everyone knows that foodie is somebody who loves to eat and cook I somebody who cook. I mean in the same dimension of cooking. How would a foodie cook v/s how would a cook cook? So these are some points that came to my mind:

  • Foodies as those who love fancy and shiny equipment. They love to try out the newest ingredients, exotic recipes, colorful TV cookery shows and follow the antics of top chefs through various media channels. By contrast, cooks simply, well, cook.
  • Foodies are ok to use ready-made, on-the-go foods in their cooking. Cooks care about ingredients, what goes into the dish and what truly comes out of it as they find it sinful to move away from real natural cooking.
  • Cooks believe in organic learning, they grow over time. in my own case, I learned from my mom, my grandmas, other family members. Foodies learn from quick cooking shows on the internet or go to cool new restaurants because they believe that they just “love trying the cool new things”
  • Foodies follow trends. If a celebrity or a cool chef talks about some ingredients or exotic aromas, they buy it in order to induce desired reaction out of their guests and tell them how they used ‘cool’ ingredients.

Anyhow, I’m getting distracted because this post is about food! So let me get back on track. The reason why I am writing this post is to talk of the five things that Zest up my life, and given the beginning of this post, given the name of my blog and given my general inclinations, you might have guessed by now that I am going to be talking of food!

Family meals

There is nothing like sitting with your family around a table for a meal. In the era gone by, this was taken for granted because nobody was rushing like they have to catch a train. Now, with work, friends, social commitments, gadgets, responsibilities and what not, people hardly have time for the most important thing – family. The biggest thing that excites me and adds the perfect Zest to my life? It’s my family, and having a nice interactive meal with them is my perfect idea of happiness!


A well cooked meal

Well-cooked does not just mean perfectly spiced or balanced. It does not mean that it has pricey ingredients like cheese or saffron or cashews. Well-cooked also does not mean using appliances like ovens, tandoors, grills and microwaves to refine the cooking. According to me a well-cooked meal is the one that has been prepared with complete care, love and attention. When my mother used to cook, nothing else mattered for her. She would slowly chop the vegetables, take out the exact quantities of spices, let the meal cook on a slow flame for the perfect taste and then lovingly oversee it till it’s just perfect. Pure, unadulterated love!

Vegetarian food

I prefer vegetarian food because according to me our body gets everything it wants out of it. Whether be the proteins from pulses or the starch from rice, whether be the carbohydrates from wheat or the vitamins and minerals from fruit, I am perfectly content spending my life having fresh vegetables – both in cooked and raw formats.


Quintessential Indian chai

Not a single day in my life is complete without a chai. I drink at least 3 cups in a day and sometimes more. Though my children have told me about the acidity caused by starting your day with a tea, I am helplessly addicted to it! Of course what I do to minimize the stomach problems is that I add biscuits and dry fruits as accompaniments to my morning tea. Whether at home or outside, India or abroad, happy or sad – a good cup of chai adds zest to my face like nothing else!


I have a big fat sweet tooth. You can blame in on my upbringing or my genes, on my Indian-ness or the fact that Delhi is such a delight for all sweet lovers! There are lots of lovely sweet shops all around Delhi and even after having moved recently to the outskirts , I routinely go back to them to have my fill of delicious Indian sweets!


This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

All images from Pixabay


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