Zest can be sweet too!


Well, my first post ended on a ‘sweet’ note and you already know from that very post what a dessert-lover I am! So after writing the post yesterday and finally managing to post it today, I continued to feel a slight suspension. I felt like that what I had shared about sweets and my love for them was quite incomplete. Well, then I decided that instead of continuing to feel suspended, I should do something about it! Yes, I decided that I should write a slightly more detailed post about sweets and how they add that magical blissful zest to my life! And no western stuff for me! If it is sweet, it better be Indian!


So, here are the five things that ‘sweetly’ zest me up 🙂


An authentic north Indian dish made with milk and sugar, this is my ultimate favorite. I eat it with falooda (soft vermicelli), with ice or even just by itself. I make it at home, get it from sweet shops or even buy it from ice-cream vendors when I’m really craving for it. Now you know how much I love sweets!


This is a sweet that you will always find in our fridge because my husband loves it and so do most of our friends and family members. We tend to stock it up for post dinner conversations. Large fluffly rasgullas are probably one of he best imports from Bengal and they perk me up any time!

Gulab Jamun

Made of Milk powder, milk, unsalted butter, oil, water, cardamom powder, kesar and sugar, this sweet is quite divine. According to me, it tastes best when it is slightly warm and dipped in lukewarm syrupy sweet sugar syrup! Pure magic, pure zest!


Gajar ka halwa

This one is mainly my kids’ favorite though I love it too. Made with milk or milk powder, carrots, sugar, dry fruits like almonds and cardamom (mainly for garnish). My mother used to make a delicious version with condensed milk or khoya that used to be simply out of this world. Now-a-days I make it with milk or khoya depending on whatever is easily available. It is important to labour over the halwa so that its slow cooked and flavorsome. I have seen online videos of people making it in microwave with readily chopped carrots and short cut milk powder etc, I’m not sure if that can have the authentic flavors!

Aate ka halwa

A very simple sweet dish that I make for most festivals and religious occasions – this one is my comfort sweet. East to make mostly because the ingredients are always there in any kitchen – wheat flour, ghee and sugar. I know that a lot of people add milk to it too, but I sometimes make a version without it which is equally delicious. I have grown up on poori, chhole, aaloo ki sabzi and aate ka halwa for all poojas in my house – and this will always be one sweet that will add unlimited zest to my life and bring a smile to my lips!


This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com
Images are from Pixabay.


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