Black is the color of desire


The color black relates to something hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. No wonder I love this color! Recently when BlogAdda asked us to blog about 5 black things that we desire and why, I decided to give it a shot. Its great to get such interesting prompts because that really gets me thinking and I get to come back to my beloved blog!

Only black has that masterful mystery,

only black has that hidden aura,

that got me thinking so much

about what i desire, what I want to own…

I think I have said it so many times that I may not need to repeat it here, afterall! My first tryst with this writing prompt HAS TO BE about food! So get ready to soak into the secustive world of food that is dark, mysterious and alluringly black! Here are the deliccies in black that I desire and that make me a die-hard foodie, a die-hard culinary lover….


I love blackberries (No, the gadget brand but the fruit – in gadgets, I prefer the i-pad 😉 ). They mostly grow around UK and Ireland, so its not very easy to get them in India, but when I do find them, I rejoice! The amazing thing is that blackberries can be used in desserts, jams and other food items too. I add it to our morning cornflakes and to our yoghurts – and the result is fabulous!

Ah, there is a bound to be merry,

What the table is laden with blackberry!


Black truffle

France has a lot of these exotic truffles. As Wikipedia says, “A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber. Some of the truffle species are highly prized as a food…… The black truffle or black Périgord truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the second-most commercially valuable species, is named after the Périgord region in France and grows with oak and hazelnut trees. Black truffles are harvested in late autumn and winter” black truffle is delicious, thought pricey and exotic! It can be eaten with pasta, salads, desserts and many other dishes because it adds that rich layer to the food taking its taste to a whole new level!

No cake, no pie, no souffle,

is ever complete without a hint of black truffle!


Black beans

‘Urad Daal’ or ‘black gram’ as it is commonly known, I’m naming black beans here because of my children. My kids LOVE daal bukhara or daal makhani or maa ki daal dish served at all good Punjabi / Mughlai style restaurants. Though I am a bit careful about eating it too often because of my own gastric reactions, I make it all the time for my children. We club it with soft butter nanns or with pudina parathas – and then there’s no stopping the culinary delights!

They are buttery, they are mean

with delectable nans, you got to have black beans!


Black-eyed pea

‘Lobhia’ as it is commonly known in north India, black-eyed pea is a legume that is known for its great taste as well as health benefits. Its eaten with white rice, jeera rice or with roti, chapatti and parathas. It is great when slow cooked and garnished with lots of coriander. Slightly similar to ‘rajma’, I find ‘lobhia’ as more nutritious and prefer it in my kitchen all the time!

I’m not talking of the music band, honey

what you need in your meal is the black-eyed pea!


Dark rich chocolate cake

Last but not the least, a dark black chocolate cake! Who doesn’t love an intense chocolate experience? That too when it comes with a sinful frostings and extra dark chocolate flakes on top! My favorite bakery in Delhi serves such a chocolate cake and even though I’m an Indian sweet lover, I love it each time, even more than the last time!

sinful, inviting, what you have to bake,

it’s the all-time favorite dark chocolate cake!



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