Every moment with family’s warmth is evocative

Travels and trips can be really evocative. Sometimes they can stir such a plethora of emotions in you, that you are yourself surprised. Sometimes they can brimg back some beautiful moments because of the associations with others memorable moments, on the other hand sometimes they can also remind you of unpleasant times because of their power over your senses.

I really enjoy traveling and each time find myself coming back with a fresh set of experiences and learnings. Whether be in India or abroad, whether be a road trip or a flight, whether be a short one or a long one, travel is recommended to everyone looking to expand his or her vision and perspective of life. In fact I found this beautiful quote by Marcel Proust on ytravelblog that I want to share since I’m discussing this topic:


My most memorable and evocative travel experiences have been with my family. The warm comforting smell and aura of my husband, the fun and caring freshness of my daughters, and the musty musky adventurous streak of my son – all of them combine to give me beautiful evocative moments. And these are often found in the simplest of travels!

I recently traveled to Ahmedabad for a family function. The great thing was that I was getting to see some of my family members I hadn’t seen for so many years! Since this was going to be a long and exciting wedding extravaganza, I did lots of shopping too!

On the day of travel, my husband, my son and I reached the airport early. At the airport, we had a quick cup of tea at the airport cafeteria and boarded the flight soon after that. The flight was very smooth and we had enough time to gaze at the beautiful clouds and wide sky outside!   

Once we landed in Ahmedabad in the evening, we immediately got a cab to our relative’s place. The taxi driver was a very interesting person and told us many stories about his family and life in general. Almost throughout the journey, we laughed and had a gala time. In fact we grew so comfortable with him that he turned into our informal guide! He showed us some very interesting landmarks like a food street and a street bazaar. Since this food street only opens properly at night, he stopped at another spot when we demanded to eat the quintessential Gujrati dhokla and fafda. Indeed it was an unforgettable first night in this interesting city. The fragrances that I remember from this car journey: the earthy scent in the air wherever I went, maybe because of the wide roads we traversed. The earthy smells made me feel grounded and connected to home, even so far away 🙂

Our relatives welcomed us very warmly once we reached their place. Their house is a little removed from the center of the city so it afforded us pleasant wide roads and fresh breezes. We had a hearty Gujrati meal with our entire family in the middle of beautiful family stories and laughs. Then I gave out the gifts I had got for everyone along with me. Before sleeping we did some pooja to start the auspicious wedding functions. The fragrance during the beautiful pooja ceremony that I still cannot forget: A hint of samrani mixed with slight passion of the fire and then the freshness of all the fruits kept there as offerings to Gods – such a unique scent that I feel it will be amazing it’s available as a standard scent for those who want to offer prayers at home or in temples!


The next day our relatives took us out sight seeing and shopping. I bought some beautiful local garments and jewelry. We had the famous Pao Bhaji, sev puri and road-side pizza, we checked out some gorgeous chaniya choli which is the traditional Gujrati dress and we spent some memorable time in the company of people we love. The lemony tang of all the chaat items mixed with the whiff of tamarind chutney – I can never forget that real homely aroma of this experience! Here’s a picture of some of my family members having sev puri at a delicious food stall!


The wedding celebrations were very successful and left us all asking for more. Everywhere was the smell of the wedding world – henna covered hands, jasmine tied in ladies’ hair, freshness of water sprinklers in the shamiana, delicious food smells from one section and aroma of lilies used to decorate the stage on the other! That was one of the best trips we have ever taken together as a family. There were no hills, no beaches, no night-outs but still I will always cherish those valued moments I got to spend in Ahmedabad, living each moment to the fullest! Thanks Ahmedabad for this lovely time and giving me so many lovely memories! I will never forget your sights and sounds, your aromas and smiles! I will take back your recipes and your lovely hospitality. And yes, as your prting message to us invites us, we will surely visit again! 



(Post written for this contest, organized by the masterful house of scent, the one and only Godrej Aer!)



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