Give me black, and then some more


Okay, now that I had my fill of gorgeous mysterious black food items, I wan to talk about ‘other things’. Well yeah, I do covet other things which are non-culinary and if I don’t write this post, I may just never be able to show that to my readers! So here goes my world of desires in black, outside my kitchen and culinary dreams…

An elegant black sarisaree-360376_640

You know that moment when you feel like you have forgotten fashion now and nobody gives you a second look, but then you wear something that brings out your beauty? Well, I want a moment like that and I’m sure there’s nothing better for it than a black sari! A fine sari, either in regal silk or in flowing georgette, but in black – that is a necessary additional to all Indian female wardrobes. I have a couple of saris in black already, but I want that ethereal one which I still don’t have – something mildly designed on, very elegant and perfect for all formal occasions. Oh, how I desire it!

Black colored living room sofa set

I do like our current sofa set, which is a beige colored set in corduroy, but for a while I have been pining for one in black leather. I will be very careful to keep it subdued and classy because I don’t want my living room to look like a den of some undercover activities! I would loveto have my extended family as well asall firends over for some nice drinks, fun conversation and yummy food once I possess my dashing black sofa! 🙂


A classy black Audi


This is the premium car that my heart truly desires. We have changed some cars in our lifetime, but if somebody asks which is the luxury car I want when I’m able to amass that kind of money – ill say an Audi. Cool, suave, sophisticated, Audi is everything among that and more. I can imagine myself touring around my city in it and making all the heads turn!

A black pearl jewellery set


I think pearls are timeless, especially if they are the pure nawabi ones from Hyderabad. The rarest are those that come from a large black-lipped oyster – they are purest in their origin and finish. I want to get a royal black pearl jewellery set with matching neckless and earrings for my collection.

A shiny black smart-phone

Somehow there is something very fashionable about technology and so I feel the best color that complements the latest launches in the world of gadgets is the color black. Currently I am looking to upgrade my phone and I really really want to own the best and the fanciest smart-phone in shiny dazzling black! Along with that, I’m also eyeing the sleek and sexy Apple I-pad – since I believe in magic, I’m sure I’m going to soon get one! Pray for me 🙂


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All images from Pixabay


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