The black mystery unveiled


The last few days have some of the most fun-filled! Only in the world of blogging can you expect such interesting surprises and activities. I was part of a very unconventional product launch and it has been a wonderful experience. It was so unconventional that till the last minute even I didn’t know what the product was!

Yes, I’m talking of the fabulously creative #WhatTheBlack launch of the Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush.

Here’s how the mystery surrounding the launch unfolded before my eyes:

Day 1

Mood: Tense and exciting

Activity: I was supposed to get the first clue related to the product. This was to be followed by two other clues over the next two days. Based on these clues I was supposed to guess the product. In fact not only guess it myself, I was supposed to get all my followers and friends on all Social Media channels like Twitter, Facebook and blog guess the product too!

The clue: And what was the clue? A mysterious black egg!


My reaction and guess: Wow, I was bowled over! I have no idea what was in store, even after getting the first clue!

Day 2

Mood: Eager and curious

Activity: the second clue was to arrive any time. All the fellow bloggers were excited since the morning and posting on Facebook and Twitter about the increasing mystery. Slowly people in various cities started getting the next clue and the excitement started intensifying. One by one people started posting pictures and guesses started pouring in. Just at the right moment, my door bell rang and I got my next clue.

The clue: An even more mysterious, and mesmerizing, black newspaper!


My reaction and guess: Well, I was where I started from!

Day 3

Mood: Anxious and hopeful

Activity: On this day, I was quite anxious and nervous. I was also hopeful of finally cracking this complicated mystery with the third and final clue. All my fingers were crossed tightly and my heart was beating fast. Previous night I had had long conversation with some of my friends in the blogging fraternity about what the product could likely be. Most of us were clueless and hazarding random guesses. From ice-cream to face cream, from drink to car; everything and anything was discussed. Then we just decided to get some sleep and be ready for the next day’s excitement.

The clue: A black paper napkin and a paper cup (Yes, I know that’s what you use while brushing your teeth – to rinse and wipe your mouth)


My reaction and guess: Could it be some new toothpaste or a toothbrush?

Day 4

Mood: On the edge, exuberant.

Activity: The mystery that was building up for almost a week will unravel today. What is the final product? What is this mysterious object that is causing so many bloggers and their friends to go sleepless? What is the black egg filled with chocolate, black newspaper and black cup-tissue combination leading up to?

Mystery revealed: when the layers of mystery were peeled, this is the masterpiece that came out!


The new Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush with 17 X Charcoal-infused slimmer tip bristles, with the below twin benefits:

Micro Slim-Tip Bristles: Reach deeper between teeth & along the gum-line.


Charcoal Infused Bristles: Remove Plaque Bacteria


I’m yet to use the toothbrush and will post a review once I do, but for now I’m quite amazed at this creative product launch. Some people even pinged me on Twitter to ask what this is all about, and this made me feel connected to people in a great way. Finally the product that was unveiled in this fabulous activity turned out to be revolutionary in it design, research and use. I read the entire website and am very impressed with the quality of work that has gone into making this unique toothbrush for the consumers.

The toothbrush promises to go into smaller areas to take out food particles, clean in between teeth and gumline, and at the same time be very gentle for the user, with the use of its revolutionary charcoal bristles! Hats off to Colgate for the great product and hats tipped to Blogadda for being as creative as ever in everything they do!


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