Product Review: Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash

You may have seen an advertisement recently on TV about the pesticides and insecticides on fruits and vegetables that stay on after washing and cleaning. After seeing that I was wondering are the vegetables and fruits we are consuming doing more harm than good? Is there something more that we need to do to ensure we’re eating the right produce?


Will my family be exposed to numerous bacteria, fungus and micro-organisms as well as the remnants of pesticides and insecticides? Hence when I was approached to review the Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash, it felt like a great co-incidence! I decided to give the product a try and post a review based on my experience later.

This is what I found out during my product research: It is no longer safe to wash your produce with just water you need something that kills these harmful micro-organisms and cleans off the chemicals. That’s where Good Home’s Vegetable and Fruit Wash which is made of Tulsi Extract comes in. Given the fact that I’m a huge fan of Tulsi, this product was on my favorite list from day one 🙂

To summarize the benefits of the product briefly, this is what I have to say:

1. Easy to use

2. Leaves no Residue

3. Safe on Hands

4. Cleans under 3 min

5. Scientifically Tested

6. Alcohol Free

7. No Harmful Chemicals

8. Lasts upto a month

So if you are somebody who likes to be doubly sure about cleanliness, hygiene and health, then you can go ahead and give this product a try. The Product can be used in three easy steps

  1. Fill a Vessel with Water & Add the Fruits and Vegetables
  2. Add 10 ml of the wash for 1l of water, soak for 3 minutes
  3. Drain the water and rinse the vegetables

As for me I would like to make it a habit to use a vegetable and fruit wash that promises to protect the health of me and my family, bacjked by its research and commitment to affordability and excellent quality!

Availability and price: The product is available in Retail Outlets and at The product is priced at Rs.100 for 500ml.

good hom

For all my blogging friends, do share your thoughts and experiences if you use this inoovative new product in your kitchens! 🙂

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