Total skin care for a happy mommy

With growing age, taking care of my skin hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to stay on my toes, stay aware and conscious of the choices I make related to my skin. I believe that great skin is achieved through a balance of internal and external factors. For internal calm, I’ve begun practicing Yoga as I believe that inner peace is a huge step towards achieving younger and healthier skin. I also listen to soothing music, eat healthy food and try to stay happy.


To meet the external requirements, I am very careful about what I apply and use on my skin, especially on my face. As I’m aging, my skin is changing. When I looked for the reasons online, I learnt that with aging, our body doesn’t produce as much collagen, and the elastin that allows skin to spring back into place gets weaker. We also don’t create or lose skin cells as fast. This means that we have to be even more careful than we were in our twenties and thirties.

My skin products have to be nothing but the best. And the latest product that has met my skin care and health requirements is the Garnier BB cream.


I started using the Garnier BB cream recently and love it. It fits into my daily routine smoothly to give me perfect looking skin without the hassles of make up. The reasons are simple if you see what my day looks like:


I wake up early to get my family up and going. I use the Garnier BB cream first thing in the morning after washing my face for an early morning nourishment that my skin needs. The application is easy and simple – I just pump it onto my clean fingers and rub it slowly till it absorbs into my facial skin.


Next I hit the gym where I do light exercise for less than 30 minutes. Mostly I enjoy walking, which I even do outdoors instead of the gym on some days. After my workout, I apply some Garnier BB cream again for a lovely sheer coverage and protection from sun as I head out. It has SPF 24 that keep me away from harmful UV rays. Once home, I cook and relax.



In the afternoon, I watch some of my favorite shows on TV. The early evenings are reserved for my friends so I get ready to go out – we either chat or go shopping. Again, I apply my savior, the Garnier BB cream, which takes away my wrinkles, softens lines and hydrates my skin.



Late evenings and nights are always for the family. We either go out for dinner, movies and functions or spend time at home. Whatever I am doing with them, its always fun and joyful, especially when my Garnier BB cream is there to moisturize my skin, make it luminous, glowing and brighter!


(I wrote this post for this campaign. Images are from pixabay and


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