Adopting the quikr way!

I am in Bangalore for a few weeks visiting family. One known as a cool paradise, Bangalore is getting hotter by the year. These days the heat is becoming almost as unbearable as that in any parts of the north. Come summer and the heat starts to drive you crazy. But somehow to me it feels like the temperature stays somewhere between one that requires an air conditioner and one that needs a fan. Which is why I decided to surprise my relatives with an air cooler as a gift this time. I thought it was something that they will use well and also appreciate.

But the question was where do I go to get it?

Here were my constraints:

  1. I was in a new town and didn’t know the place well
  2. I didn’t prefer physically going to various shops
  3. I did not have a very high budget

Now given these limitations, I asked a few friends to suggest the best place to pick up the air cooler and to my surprise everyone almost unanimously suggested one place. And then the lovely people at Blog Adda suggested that I should try it too! Can you guess what I’m talking about?

Yes, it’s QUIKR

I decided to find more details about it. This is what I discovered. Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a place where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today they have over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.

Yes, the products are not brand new, but they are in great quality and condition most times. And being used, the prices are highly affordable too. In fact in my experience I found some which were very recently bought and being sold for genuine reasons like de-cluttering or mismatch.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. They have over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.
At Quikr, one finds an online community which is simple and secure. Listings for education, jobs, mobile phones, matrimonial, housing, finance, furniture, cars, appliances, babycare, nannies, books, cooks, holiday homes, lawyers — there was pretty much nothing that I could think of but not find in the listings! 😛

I decided to give Quikr a shot. And this is what followed:

Step one

I went to Quikr. I clicked on Electronics and Appliances and then on All Appliances. I found this page:


Step two

There are some amazingly helpful filters. I selected ‘air coolers’ and found this exhaustive listing.


Step three

I selected three products and called the vendors. These were from Kenstar, Symphony and Bajaj. One of them was even just used for a month! The vendors were very forthcoming too. All of them were extremely sweet. We fixed a time and place to see the product.

Step four

I made sure that I took somebody along to see the products, though I didn’t necessarily need to. I guess I realized that security needs to be my main consideration when trying a platform like quikr for the first time 🙂

Once I reached the place, my friend and l surveyed and liked the air coolers. After seeing all three, we decided to pick the second one. So I called that seller and told him I will be coming over the weekend, since both of us were busy during the week. Yes, it was as simple as that!

Here’s my verdict:

  • The listings were comprehensive and detailed, most with pictures.
  • The sellers were reliable and professional, each time and called for information. The platform seems to attract decent people 😀
  • As a company, quikr is constantly innovating so that users can buy and sell in the easiest and most convenient way possible.The filters were brilliant – even better than what I am used to at other platforms like flipkart.
  • Quikr recognized that getting a fair price could be a hurdle for our customers, and developed a Maximum Selling Price (MSP) calculator to help users estimate a reasonable price range.
  • They also pioneered the Missed Call service in India, enabling first time or non internet users in India to give QUIKR a missed call so that they can help them post an ad. As a buyer I was allowed to send free SMS’s to the sellers, which I used totally! 🙂

They also have some amazing accolades: In BAV® 2013 (a Brand Asset Valuator by Rediffusion-Y&R), Quikr was the only classifieds platform to be featured in the list of top ten ‘Best E-commerce Brands in India Amongst Youth’. In fact my experience at quikr has also encouraged me to post my own things on the forum. there are things which I have not being using forever and making some extra money on them seems like such a great idea. It could also be a great way for me to get some new things with all that money gained! 😀

So go ahead, buy and sell they Quikr way!

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One thought on “Adopting the quikr way!

  1. Yes Quikr is really a very good site to sell or purchase something in better price..i too had sold my laptop on Quikr a month before and its beneficial…I think everybody should try it once atleast….

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