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Beautiful tiles light up any home. They enhance the look of the interiors, and bring a sense of space, beauty and cleanliness. But it’s not just aesthetic reasons why you should be tiling your house. They are easy to clean and maintain. They give your spaciousness and ease of maintenance too. Just wiping with a cloth can totally clean them and be hygienic for my family.

I have decided to go for great ceramic that I have discovered at PORCELANOSA. Let me share with you some reasons why (most of them I have discovered on their website but some others are what is based on my other research.

XLIGHT is the natural evolution of ceramic. It has important physical and mechanical properties that make it unique: a large format (300×100 cm pieces), minimum thickness (3.5 mm), a lighter weight (8 kg/m²) and less absorption than a traditional tile (Grupo Bla Porcelain Tile). Another reason why I am so keen on ceramic is because it is a natural product. Being made of a combination of clays and other natural materials mixed with water in order to form a paste to be fired at high temperatures, they are close to nature. The coating used on them mostly is also natural.

This material offers great possibilities. You can explore your creativity while working with it. You can put it afresh or ever over-tile an existing interior. Not only that. There are lots of versatility based possibilities that you have at your disposal with XLIGHT. I can give the look to my house that I always dreamed of. I can create “invisible” doors and cupboards, tiled bathrooms and kitchens furnished with one sole hygienic material that is unchanging and highly resistant. The website says that this new porcelain tile by Urbatek is characterized by its extra-large format and minimum thickness.

Contrary to what you may think, such ceramic tiles are cost effective. They may sometimes seem pricey, but if you compare their long term use and beauty with the amount spent, you will realize that it is totally worth your money. They will last so long that you will end up saving a lot of money over the yeas. And don’t worry about them going out of fashion. They are going to be versatile and timeless. The material is very thin and portable.

I am so excited to get this lovely addition to my home that I can’t wait to get started. I am sure that this will be the right investment in terms of time and effort for me. XLIGHT will surely make my friends go wow. i am already thinking of all the parties I am going to host in this festive season that will get my loved ones over. Then I can flaunt my good taste and lovely new interiors too! 😉

You can check out lots more at


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