Grab your stars!

When Paul entered the reality show, he was one hundred percent sure of his success. He was a great singer with lots of practice. He had been learning music for the last seven years. He was training under the best teacher. He used to do the right breathing exercises, throat relaxation and other important things.

He really liked the atmosphere of the show. The judges were encouraging and the other participants were helpful. It was a very inspiring place. Paul felt very happy to be a part of this great show. He decided to give his best shot, irrespective of the results. Week after week he dang well. Soon the eliminations started.

One by one Paul’s friends started getting eliminated. Though Paul felt sorry for them, he was thankful of remaining in the show. As time went on, things became tougher. Competition increased. But he continued to work hard. The judges liked him. The audience supported him.


Soon it was time for the finals. The night before, both Paul and other contestant were very nervous. They could not eat or sleep. Both of them rehearsed a little bit but then rested their voice. They wished each other well and retired for the day.

The next day there were three rounds. In the first two rounds, both of them had to sing songs from different genres and the in the last round they had to perform in front of large audiences in two different grounds.

The first rounds went well for both of them. The scores were a secret. Paul felt very tired but excited about the last round. Cars arrived to take them to the stadium for the last round. Final scores will be given on the performance and audience reaction. Suddenly he got an idea. He requested the driver to wait briefly. He went to the toilet and decided to groom himself. He shaved neatly and washed his face. Then he combed and gelled his hair. Finally he sat in the car.

The show went extremely well. The audience thought Paul was a complete rock star just like Elvis Presley. They commented that not only he sang really well, but he looked extremely handsome and well kept. The judges’ decision was unanimous as well. Paul was a winner because not only he had the perfect voice and singing; but a well groomed look ensured that he struck gold on an opportunity given to him!


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I would like to tag Shalini and Surbhi in this post 🙂


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