What’s your role?

Samir wanted to be an actor since he was a child. He used to rehearse in front of the mirror all the scenes from famous Hindi movies. He would memorize dialogues of all his favorite actors and then practice them for days. He would dress like them, walk like them and talk like them. He would read their interviews and paste their newspaper cuttings in his room. He had decided that after finishing his twelfth standard he would just leave for Bombay and start his struggle. Many big actors had struggled and got great breaks in Bollywood. Till then he just had to be patient.

Samir would not concentrate on anything in school. He would just daydream in classes, ignore people and wait for the school to get over. He wouldn’t pay attention to anything because it was not is priority. He wouldn’t bother about what he was wearing, what he was carrying, how he was conducting himself and what impression he was making. All because he thought his aim was only to become a big actor so nothing else mattered.

Sometimes his girlfriend in school would tell him to groom himself better for school but he would just brush it off.

“Samir, I think you should pay attention to how you look in school.”

“Why? It doesn’t matter at all.”

“But you’re a good looking guy. Why do you have to be so shabby and unconcerned about how you present yourself? You don’t even shave daily! Look at that beard!”


“Yes, because I don’t care about grooming in front of people who are not related to movies.”

“It can’t be just for specific instances. Grooming yourself has to be a permanent regular part of your life.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You’re so stubborn, Samir!”

And this is how it would always go on.

One day, there was a lot of buzz outside school. Initially Samir didn’t care but then he decided to check it out. When he reached outside the gate, he saw that it was a movie shooting. Not just any shooting. A Bollywood movie starring his favorite movie idol! He was amazed! Forget the school, he will watch the shooting for the whole day, he decided.

Suddenly in the middle of the shooting, the co-actor fell down. There was chaos on the set. He had fainted because of fatigue.

“What will we do? We need somebody urgently for the role of the hero’s best friend!” The director screamed.

The assistant director said, “Sir, I have a suggestion. There are many good looking boys in the crowd. We can give a break to one of them. They are just two scenes and don’t need much acting.”

“Good idea. Get somebody immediately.”

Samir heard this exchange and thought this was the chance of his lifetime. He would get selected and perform excellently in the two scenes. Then the director will get very impressed and give him a full role in his next film.

When Samir was busy day-dreaming, the assistant director passed by and selected a boy standing a little further away. Samir suddenly saw this. He raised his hand, “Sir! I can do it.”

“We’ll call you when we have the role of a walrus!”


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Images are from pixabay and I tag gangsofedathua, Canary and Ananya to write a post on this topic 🙂


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