An evening with Shake Shake fries!

Trust McDonalds to surprise you! Just when I was about to wonder when they will introduce something new and exciting in their menu, they did that! And it’s not just anything. It’s something which is truly exciting and irresistible. What is it?

Well, it’s the new Piri Piri fries. What you get is a combination of spicy Piri Piri mix with your favorite French Fries. You just shake’em up in the shake shake bag to give your fries a spicy twist. And that’s not all- most of your favorite meals are currently being served with Shake Shake fries- though only for a limited period.

So when I heard about this and was fortunate to be invited to try these fries, I decided to grab the chance. Here are some images of all the fun that I had along with my family. As you can see, my husband and I were packed for a snow-storm – blame it on the crazy Delhi winters! You can’t see my son in the pictures because he was the one taking all of them.

We battle the long queues:


The treasure is here!


And we dig in right away!


And some more!


We had a lot of fun creating our own fries with the Piri Piri spices. It’s very easy to shake the spice mix with the fries in the shake bag and get lip-smacking fries, but as you can see we were so engrossed in eating them that I didn’t take a separate picture of the fries themselves 😀

Even though, there is no picture, I can tell you that the fries are great for the tang and spice loving India palette!


One thought on “An evening with Shake Shake fries!

  1. Mc Donalds is my favorite place to have burgers of course. The taste is just superb and the cost is also comparatively cheap. Really enjoy going to the place twice a month…

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